Monday, December 28, 2009

Iran Updates

Analysis: There is a full fledged revolution going on In Iran. Either the “mainstream media” doesn’t recognize this or they are willfully ignoring it. There is no better way to end a major part of the unrest in the Middle East than to support this popular revolution in Iran. Yet we in the West choose to ignore what may be the solution to many of our biggest problems. What a waste.

These events have been reported to World Threats.

All events occurred in Tehran unless otherwise noted. All times are Tehran local time 24 hour clock.

Shiraz 1600 - Eyewitness report: from about 1100 on Ashura a large number of people came to eh Namazi Intersection with a number of red flags with the words “Heyhat Menazela” written on them which means “we will not bow down to tyranny” in Arabic. About 300 people were standing in groups of 20 from Shahcheragh Road to Namazi Square holding pictures of those killed in the post election events. Security forces and plainclothes agents violently attacked these people and several clashes broke out. Protesters chanted “Heyhat Menazela” and “Ya Hojay Bin Hassan (referring to the last Imam of shiite Islam) uproot the tyranny”. Plainclothes agents arrested a large number of protesters.

Qazvin 1730 - In a ceremony held for Ashura in Qazvin, protesters chanted “death to the dictator”. Riot police attacked them and tried to disperse them. A famous religious singer named M. Q. protested this act and shouted at the riot police through his microphone. The commander of the SSF ordered tear gas fired into the crowds. A commander of the plainclothes agents named Hassan Bashi fell into the hands of the protesters.

1820 - There were severe clashes at the Dolat Gateway and security forces beat protesters with poniards. The protesters chanted “death to Khamenei”, “idiot Khamenei death to you” and “death to the dictator”. Protesters set fire to a Land Cruiser and about 15 motorcycles on the way to the College Intersection. Security forces threw tear gas in all the alleys and side streets leading to Engelab Square. The protesters set all the trash cans in the area on fire to fight the tear gas. In the Valiasr Intersection there is a group of first aid personnel who bandage injured protesters and then arrest them and take them away.

Protesters pulled out all the railings on the way from Azadi street to Yadegar Street and threw them on the streets. Security forces opened direct fire on the protesters. Crowds are huge all over Tehran. About 1600 people broke the stones on balconies and threw them at the heads of the Bassiji. the Bassiji became terrified and took cover behind the State Security Forces and the Special Guards Forces.

Isfehan, 2130 - There were clashes between security forces and protesters in the Bagh Meli. The protesters were attacked with stones and knives. There is a de facto curfew in Isfehan.

Babol , 1530 - About 800 people were protesting next to the Imam Zadeh building. Plainclothes arrested five or six people and the security forces dispersed the rest.

Kermanshah, 1900 - At about noon one of the mourning groups for Ashura suddenly started chanting, “this is the month of blood, Yazid (referring to Khamenei) will be uprooted” and the atmosphere became volatile after that. The Internet was cut off until 1900.

Tabriz, 2030 - There were clashes from about noon and there were also mourning ceremonies for Ayatollah Montazeri. About 300 people to 400 people were protesting around Valiasr Square chanting “victory is near”.

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