Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Iran Update

These events have been reported to World Threats.

Nov. 29 - Ismael Kothari, Deputy Chief of the Majlis Security Commission, Reacted to the passing of the IAEA’s latest resolution.

He said, “if some powers continue their bullying at the agency we have to revise our decisions and the parliament might consider that Iran leaves the agency. ” About the fact that only 25 of the 35 members of the IAEA Board voted for the resolution he said, “positive vote of ten countries shows that there wasn’t a unity about this resolution so it cannot be accepted.”

About the affirmative vote of Russia and the People’s Republic of China he said, “our main slogan is neither West nor East and this includes every country. So if china and Russia make a wrong decision we will threat then back the same.”

Nov. 29 - The students of Azad Najafabad University in Isfehan issued a statement calling for participation in the uprising of December Seventh against the tyranny of Khamenei. Their statement reads in part:

Fifty-six years has passed and we have another December Seventh ahead. And how hard were these 56 years for the students? Again they attacked the universities and another July Ninth (students uprising in 1999) occurred. They said that the students have been deceived and are puppets. They have stationed Bassij in every university to watch over students. They sent students to jail, deprived them from education marked them with a star. In this way they tried to make them get close to political activities and now they are facing the roaring wave of students against them.

Like prisons they have installed surveillance cameras at the universities. More than 350 students have been summoned to disciplinary committees and were punished with more than 100 terms (50 years) of suspension. They have turned Evin Prison to a university (jails are flooded with arrested students) and Iran into a detention center.

Now my brother: Iran this land wounded by tyranny and exploitation is in the hands of another devil. It is upon us to defend this Parsi land like our ancestors who fail for freedom.

Nov. 29 - The condition of three detained students, Amanj Mohammadi, Abdollah arefi and Ismaeil Ghaderi, is unknown.

Nov. 29 - The uprising of the people of Shiraz is deep and widespread.

Nov. 30 - The students of the School of engineering staged a hunger strike to protest the continued detention of Mehrdad Bozorg.

Nov. 30 - Hundreds of students of the School of Social Sciences of Allameh Tabatabaie University signed a scroll protesting the security atmosphere of the university. The Harasat (university police) collected the scroll and prevented anyone else from signing it. However, the students are still gathering signatures for the scroll.

Nov. 30 - The regime has closed the Tehran University School of Medicine so that students from out of town must go home. This is their way of emptying the dormitories.prior to December Seventh.

Nov. 30 - Despite the massive security measures in place, students in Kurdistan have begun their activities prior to December Seventh. anti-regime graffiti is endemic.

Nov. 30 - Four students have been arrested for sending audio and video evidence of the unrest in Iran to media outside the country.

Nov. 30 - The regime is increasing its attempts to jam satellite signals from outside Iran.

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