Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Iran Update

These events have been reported to World Threats.

Tehran 6:10 PM - In the area of Tohid Square, Chamran and Dr. Gharib Street approximately 1500 people have gathered. Special Guards forces are attacking the protesters.

Tehran - Saadat Abad 7:15 PM - According to an eyewitness the sounds of bullets can be heard on the streets of this area and the atmosphere is very tense.

Tehran 12:00 PM - In the area of Valiasr an eyewitness reported that in the morning during the clashes between protesters and security forces, a truck driver emptied his load of bricks in the area close to Engelab Street and asked the protesters to use them against the security forces.

He started breaking the bricks in to pieces himself and the protesters took them to Engelab and Valiasr to use against government forces.

Two more films about the events of today’s demonstration:
Khamenei’s element video tapping the protesting students Dec 7


Tehran 2:00 PM - An eyewitness in Tehran University said that those who were beating the students were black clad Special Guards forces and Bassij forces. State security forces beat the protesters less than they do. A police officer was heard saying, “I am tired of this”. Outside the mosque in the university protesters raised an Iranian flag without the Allah (religious symbols) in the middle but plainclothes agents attacked them with bottles.

This particular film shows clashes between police and protesters. It show that the demonstrations of December Seventh are not all students only.

Analysis. There is little doubt that the mullahs have a serious revolution on their hands.

So far, based on the information that we have received, I have to say that this revolution is majority lead and populated by university students across Iran.

Later indications are that more of the general populace is beginning to take part. Until we have more information on the distribution of participants by parts of society, it is impossible to tell the depth of the revolutionary movement in Iran.

This revolutionary push to end government by religion may be part of the reasons behind the continued and expedited push by the government for nuclear weapons.

If indeed the end game of this government is the creation of the chaos necessary for the reappearance of the Hidden Imam, then internal chaos may be part of the necessary mess. The flip side of that is that the government must keep the internal revolution suppressed long enough for the external chaos, regional war in the Middle East, to occur.

Indications are that other parties in the Middle East are not prepared to just allow the Iranians to continue their nuclear programs and associated missile developments without taking action against them.

This then becomes a race between the internal revolutionaries to bring down the mullahocracy and the requirement of the external targets of the mullahocracy to defend themselves, by preemption if necessary.

In either case, it behooves all of us to be prepared for a major, and probably nuclear, war in the Middle East and the disruptions that such a war will cause.

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