Sunday, December 27, 2009

Iran Update

These events have been reported to World Threats.

All events are occurring in Tehran unless otherwise noted. All times are Tehran local time.

1400 - The suppressive forces have blocked all roads to Ferdosi square and are making the crowd move uptown. An eyewitness said that there were clashes in Ferdosi Square and water cannon vehicles and ambulances were moving towards Fatemi Square.

1300 - Khamenei’s mercenaries are viciously beating people with batons and kick them in Enghelab Street. an eyewitness said that a women was so beaten her dress and scarf were torn but she swiftly ran away with her companion.

1450 - In Vali-e-Asr people are resisting. After the police attacked the people, the crowd set fire to a police car and attacked several banks. From the beginning of Azadi Street to Imam Hossein Square the police are flooded throughout the way especially in Ferdosi, Azadi and Imam Hossein Squares metro stations and any other place there might be a crowd. About 200 people have gathered in front of Tehran University. It is important to note that today the women lead the demonstrations and the men followed.

1630 - Beginning at 1600 the mothers of the uprising gathered in Laleh Park. The police are surrounding them and will not let anyone join the mothers. (These are mothers who have lost children in this revolution.)

1640 - A large number of mourning groups are in the streets. They pay no attention to any attempt by the regime to limit them. In some areas they have rebuilt the scenes of Imam Hossein’s Tasoua. Throughout Tehran people have defied the police and are bringing mourning symbols into the streets. Nobody cares about the regime’s orders.

1630 - When security agents tried to prevent people from gathering on the route between Imam Hossein and Azadi Squares, people inside buses chanted “death to the dictator” and “Allah o Akbar” to protest the regime. Security officers warned the bus drivers that they should not stop in the street. The passengers opened the windows so that their voices of protest would reach the anti-riot forces. The heavy traffic in the street gave the people time to chant anti-regime slogans.

1815 - The regime has announced that mourning groups are only allowed in the streets until 2230.

Tough dispersed by suppressive forces people continue the defiance of the clerical regime by chanting Allah O Akbar in the sidewalk of Enghelab Sq.- Tehran Dec.26, 2009

Tasoua Uprising - Tehran - Enghelab Ave. Gunshots and suppressive teams riding on motorcycles - Dec. 26, 2009

More film in following link:×2U

Analysis. I have over time been had access to intelligence reports of events like these. I saw a lot of reports on the 1979 revolution, the taking of the American Embassy in Tehran and a few other such events. Never before have I reported on a revolution in progress that has been so grossly ignored by the media.

It is obvious that the blow-by-blow descriptions of this genuine grass roots revolution are available. But 30 seconds of a one hour new review on CNN is simply not acceptable. If this revolution succeeds a lot of bad stuff in the Middle East and other places will stop happening. Hezbollah and Hamas will lose their major source of funding: the Government of Iran. The Houthi rebels in Yemen will be defeated without the continuing supplies from Iran. Israel will be a whole lot safer. Syria will lose its sponsor. The list goes on.

Yet here we sit spinning on our thumbs when we should be working to help the Iranian people rid themselves of the mullahocracy. We will be blamed for this revolution anyway so why not earn that blame honestly?

Tomorrow is the tenth day of Ashura, the day Imam Hossein was killed. If you thought today was interesting stay tuned.

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