Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sweden: Muslim leader could get to parliament

Via Swedish journalist Per Gudmundson's Blog. Gudmundson also links to an interview Waberi gave to the RFSU (Association for Sexuality Education) in 2006. I translate the parts about polygamy below, though Waberi does talk about other Sharia issues as well.

Abdirisak Waberi is not the only conservative Muslim who's a Moderate Party politician. See also Sweden: The best Muslim state.

One of the leaders of Sweden's most influential Muslim associations might get into parliament in the next elections. Abdirisak Waberi (Moderates), can expect to have his candidacy examined with a microscope.

Principal and Gothenburg resident Abdirisak Waberi wants to build bridges between different parts of society. He's fifth on the Moderate Party list and has good chances of getting into parliament.

"I want to primarily work on exclusion. Youth who are slipping, good care for citizens, and environmental issues," he says.

He thinks it's a positive thing that more Swedes of non-Nordic background get on the party's list.

Abdirisak Waberi himself is a conservative Muslims who also represents the Islamic Association, which runs the Stockholm mosque. In a recent SVT documentary he and his association were identified as Islamists. Abdirisak Waberi thinks that it was an issue of smearing Islamic organizations. He doesn't call himself an Islamist.

Later he wrote in a mail to SvD: "It's natural for me as a believing Muslims to try and live by the Koran in the same way that it's natural for a Christian to try and live by the Bible." At the same time he stresses that "supports equality between the sexes. Swedish law is based on the principle that even homosexuals should have the same freedoms and rights as others, and I think that's good." Abdirisak Waberi says he agrees with the foundations of Swedish family law, which prohibits polygamy.

"I stand for the political agenda of the new Moderates," he stresses.

But Abdirisak Waberi's candidacy puts the spotlight on the debate about Islam in Sweden. Aje Carlbom, phd of social anthropology, thinks that the Islamic Association is part of the Islamic movement which wants it's own public space, with its own schools, kindergartens and so on. This parallel structure is at odds with the party's integration policy.

"It doesn't annul segregation. It strengthens it. But the Islamists want segregation. They believe that it protects Muslim children."

To be a candidate for a political party is one way to give the movement increasing influence, thinks Aje Carlbom, though he points out that he doesn't have any idea as to what Abdirisak Waberi stands for as an individual.

Pernilla Ouis, phd of human ecology, who has insights into Muslim Sweden, doesn't want to speak about Abdirisak Waberi either. But she thinks that there are both advantages and disadvantages with having people she sees as Islamists engaging in a poltiical party.

"They represent a part of society in a democracy. I would rather they engage in the Moderates than that they start an Islamic party," she explains.

But Pernilla Ouis doesn't think it's not just practicing Muslims who are forced to wrestle with issues where politics and religion collide. The same applies also to Bible-literalist Christian politicians.

Mehmet Kaplan, a parliament member for the Greens, is a Muslim. He was president of Sweden's Young Muslims and has good insights into the Swedish Association.

"So far during my years I've seen no organizational signs that they are attempting to do any type of Islamizaton."

On the contrary, says Mehmet Kaplan, there have been some individuals in the organizations with more extreme views.

Jan Hjärpe, religion historian and professor emeritus, thinks that those who speak of Swedish Islamism are completely wrong. There are a few individuals, smaller groups in Sweden which can be called Islamist, that is that they have a political agenda where religion is state policy and the aim is an Islamic state.

"But to characterize the large Swedish organizations this way, that's unlikely. I think this is quite undramatic."

But Jan Hjärpe has already gotten reactions to Abdirisak Waberi's placement on the Moderates list.

"The campaign to put him under suspicion is part of the Sweden Democrats' tactics. There are less politely worded repudiations so to speak."

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