Saturday, October 31, 2009

Iran Update: Parts 1 and 2

Part 1

These events have been reported to World Threats.

The Ministry of education’s Academic Basij Resistance summoned all of the commanders of the ministry’s Basij centers to instruct them on confronting the pupil’s march on Nov. 4.

The Basij forces are to be spread in groups of 50 among the pupils to control their behavior and slogans. Apparently the Special Security Forces personnel did not want to confront their own children in the marches.

Graffiti has appeared in all sections of Tehran inviting the people to participate in the Nov. 4 demonstrations

In a letter stamped “confidential” and “urgent” , the Press Assistant of the Guidance Minister wrote, “emphasizing that the issue of the 10th presidential elections has ended in light of the confirmation of legal and official sources, we request that you seriously restrain from publishing any news, pictures or contents which causes tension in the society or disrupts public order.” This letter was sent to all newspapers, news organizations and websites.

Mohammad Saleh Jukar, the head of the Pupils and Teachers Basij Organization has announced the formation of resistance units called 'Omidan Resistance’. He said,

We have not had resistance units in elementary level until now and we will form these units in 6,000 elementary school this year. These units have the duty of encouraging the culture of Basijis and the responsibility of this issue lies with Basiji teachers. We know that some deceived people (the freedom loving people of Iran) want to take advantage of this day (Nov. 4). Our nation (those who follow the Supreme Leader) has always expressed its wrath towards the global arrogance (the United States). The enemy tries to take advantage of this opportunity but out people will nullify the conspiracies. All the slogans and our fists must aim at USA and the dominant powers who want to prevent our progress.”

Analysis. The regime is running scared. Any sign of weakness on its part cannot be tolerated in the light of the current conflict with most of the rest of the world over its nuclear program. If information on the size and scope of the anti-regime activities gets out to the rest of the World, there is an excellent chance that the Group of Six will apply more pressure to get Iran to accept the current deal to get at least some of its enriched uranium out of the country.

The Iranian people are fighting for their freedom from the oppression of the mullahs.

Why aren’t we supporting them?!


Part 2

These events have been reported to World Threats.

Following his reply to the European countries and the IAEA over the plan to have Russia and France process Iran’s enriched uranium into fuel rods, Ahmadinejad said in Mashad, “the world should know and some of our own people around the country should know too that this administration will not retreat even a step from the decisive right of the Iranian nation.

To provide Tehran’s nuclear fuel was an opportunity to estimate the honesty of some people, governments and the IAEA. We will shake any hand that has honesty but if someone is dishonest and is laying a conspiracy the answer of our nation is the same decisive answer that it gave to Mr. Bush and his followers.”

Ali Khamenei met with a group of people whom the Regime’s TV calls talented. At this meeting he said,

They say they don’t criticize the leadership. OK go tell them to do so. I should welcome that. Of course they do criticize. I cannot explain it here and now. There are lots of criticisms and I do receive them and I do understand them.

The main issue was the election Under questioning the election was the biggest crime. Why do you close your eyes on this crime? The election was the actual democracy that everybody claims it, then some people come exactly the day after the election and say it was a sham election is a small crime? the enemy took advantage of that.

There are also some people inside the country who opposed the Islamic Republic System from day one. It is for 30 years they they oppose it; they to took advantage of this opportunity. Even some elements of the system itself took advantage of this opportunity. First I warned them privately. If I announce something in the Friday Prayer’s preach I’ve said that privately first.

I’ve had advised them first. I told them your are starting something you cannot stop later. They are not chanting death to Israel or America any more; what is the meaning of that? In the world of politics you must see several steps ahead, both your’s and the enemy’s. By undermining the election they made people to confront the state. This is not something negligible.

Things don’t just go right by talking. See! Advertising for election should have only started about a month before it but they started it three months sooner. I opposed that. TV gave coverage to some electoral journeys, to some talks, to the disputes over election to show that we have freedom of thought. These are only hallucinations. This is just provoking chaos….

The students at Ilam University chanted anti-regime slogans during an appearance by Rahim Savavi, Khamenei’s Military Advisor and the former head of the revolutionary Guards Corps.

Some shopkeepers in Isfahan flew the Iranian flag without the clerical regimes symbol. At least ten cases of this were reported.

The regime is increasing pressure on those citizens with relatives living in Ashraf, Iraq. This is to put pressure on the members of the People’s Mujahadeen of Iran.

Amnesty International has demanded freedom for Dr. Mohammad Maleki. the 76 year old researcher has been imprisoned for 41 days apparently because he criticized the presidential election. Dr. Maleki is the former head of Tehran University.

Ali Mohatari, a member of the Majlis, has admitted to vast arrests during the nationwide uprisings. He said, “from the beginning of the protest thousands had been arrested in Iran, hundreds of them including 20 reporters are still in prison. some of Iran’s recent detainees have died in teh prisons and some have accused the SSF and security officials of committing torture and rape. Hundred of them have been put on trial and tree of them have been condemned to the death penalty. Judges are not independent and sometimes receive orders from the High Council of National Security.”

Source: World Threats

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