Friday, October 30, 2009

Iran Update, Parts 1 and 2

These events have been reported to world Threats.

University students continue their resistance to the Iranian government.
Students of the School of Human Sciences of Allameh Tabatebei University and students from Payame Noor Nniversity and the School of Law demonstrated on Oct. 25th.

The students of Azad University in Tehran are distributing anti-regime leaflets nightly.

In a Friday Sermon on October 24th, Mullah Sedighi began laying the foundation for a cultural revolution against the universities. He also supported the inhuman bill of Ghesas (eye for an eye) and called it a blessing. He said, “we have hired our law, psychology, sociology and other branches of Human Sciences from west.

Sometimes some of our professors are influenced by west and their knowledge is also influenced by west. This framework doesn’t match our society. Our religion is the most important issue and this framework doesn’t comply with it. Some jurists cannot even bear the Islamic laws of punishment or Islamic rights for women and other issues in their classes and they talk about this opposition too.”

The government has installed additional satellite TV jammers in Tehran, Abadan, Ahvaz and Bushehr.

Sunni clerics have been banned from leading Friday prayers in Kermanshah, Kurdistan.

Labor protests at the Pipe Manufacturing company in Avaz continues. Labor unrest due to non-payment of wages has extended to the Alborz Chinaware Company in Alborz Industrial City.

The official newspaper Jomhori in its editorial under the title of Nuclear Turnover, Never wrote, “These days we are witnessing events during the nuclear negotiation with the 5+1 group in our diplomacy that we must give them a second thought.

With a little negligence years of efforts of country’s managers and scientists will be in vein. So during the negotiations we shouldn’t surrender the efforts and struggle of our scientists as a gift to westerners. Our board of negotiation must be aware that we will never want to stop our enrichment and halt our nuclear progress.”

After the United Kingdom Treasury Department put sanctions on the Bank Melat and its shipping company, Iran’s ambassador protested the sanctions in letters to the House of Commons and the House of Lords.

The ambassador said, “this inappropriate decision of the British Government will damage the interests of million of private shareholders and customers of the bank and shipping organization. It will also damage England’s legal system as well as the mutual relations between two countries.

The government continues to threaten Mousavi. One hundred of 290 members of the Majlis have signed a letter of complaint against Mousavi. Then again, 190 didn’t sign the letter.

At the International Exhibition of Media and News Agencies the Russian booth was closed. Nobody went to see it.


These events have been reported to world Threats.

Mullah Imani Kashani is no longer allowed to lead Friday Prayers in Tehran. That position is now filled by supporters of the current administration: Mullah Janati, Ahmed Khatami and Mullah Sedighi.

Some residents of Tehran are putting flowers on the graves of martyrs nationwide.

November fourth is Students Day. Might be an interesting day.

Reports from Karaj Gohardasht Prison solitary confinement area rioted against the conditions of their incarceration. The riot lated until 9 PM when the prison authorities used tear gas and beatings to reestablish control.

Young people are writing the name Neda on various traffic signs in the city of Yazd.

Anti-government graffiti continues to appear around the nation of Iran. The graffiti says things like “Khamenei is a criminal. Death to Khamenei.”, “Death to dictator”, “Khamenei be ashamed and leave my country alone”, “Death to the leader. Death to Ahmadinejad”, “Neither Qaza (Gaza) nor Lebanon I sacrifice my life for Iran”.

People are writing anti-regime slogans on the Iranian currency.

The Kurdistan Province’s Department of Education has forced the principals of the schools to get signed pledges from parents that their students will not participate in demonstrations on Students day.

Source: World Threats

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