Monday, November 2, 2009

Iran Update

These events have been reported to World Threats.

Nov. 1 - Students of Sharif Industrial University gathered to protest for the third day in a row. Footage of the protest is available at the World Threats YouTube page.

Nov. 1 - Students protested against the presence of Safar Harandi, the Minister of Guidance, visited the electrical Engineering Department of Khaje Nasir University. He was unable to speak over the students chants of “death to the dictator” and “our shame, our shame is our Minister of Guidance”.

Students continue to write slogans on different parts of their universities.

Oct. 30 - Speaking in Qom, Ali Larijani (Speaker of the Majlis) expressed fear at the rejection of Supreme Leadership. He said, “those who have important role in the country should correct their behavior and pay attention to the Supreme Leader’s role. They should know that the endurance of this system is related to this issue. During the recent event some chanted diverted slogans and talked about China and Russia. But Imam’s path is to lean on limitless power (of God) and not on any country.”

Oct. 30 - Mullah Alam Alhoda emphasized on th total rule of Supreme Leader, “there is no need for a private complaint in that accord when the Supreme Leader announces that act as a crime is a crime.” This was in relation to Khamenei meeting with “talented students”.

As November Fourth, Student’s Day, approaches the regime is increasing its anti-demonstration activities have increased markedly.

Oct. 31 - Basiji spying at the Koy dormitories has increased considerably.

Oct. 30 - The government is attempting to hide its fear that anti-regime slogans will be those chanted by the people participating in the Student’s Day activities and not those of the regime. Several Friday Imams expressed fear of the movement against the Supreme Leadership. Fars News Agency quoted Seyyed Ali Hosenini, Friday Imam of Asalooye as saying, “foreign media and anti-revolutionaries has tried from long before to undermine the November Fourth ceremony. Iranian nation in defiance of the enemies will must hold this ceremony more glorious than ever.” The Friday Imam of Tabas begged the dissidents, “those who believe in supreme leadership must stop these acts so that we would have unity in the country.”

Oct. 29 - The schools of Kashan have been closed by order of the Governor until November 6th.

Nightly distribution of leaflets and bulk emails continues with regards to the activities of November Fourth. Graffiti continues to appear reminding al of the November Fourth demonstrations.

Analysis. The Iranian regime is obviously unable to control significant sections of the populace. It is entirely possible that the demonstrations could get beyond the level of peaceful protests. It is also likely that the security forces will attempt to incite the crowds to violence and then insure that video of this violence is broadcast Worldwide.

The intent is to show the World that the malcontents represent only a small portion of the populace. This is obviously not true. The discontent is widespread and growing according to our information.

Source: World Threats

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