Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Iran Update

These events have been reported to World Threats.

It is always a pleasure to report on Iranians who see the light and decide the theocracy isn’t worth supporting.

Members of regime’s reactionary parliament and elements of regime’s intelligence are seeking asylum in west after regime’s diplomatic body has done so.

The aftermaths of accelerating downfall of the clerical regime has reached its diplomatic body. High ranking elements of the system do not want to participate in suppression, execution and assassination of people especially after Ashura Uprising.

Al Siasa news paper has written that the government of Turkey has refused to accept the asylum of 4 elements of regime’s intelligence who work in Kurdish regions of Iraq because its relations with regime is improving; Syria having a role in it.
These men wanted to go to Ankara with the help of a Kurd leader and reach Europe from there.
They were able to run away and go to Italy last week.

Jan. 17 - Let’s Get Physical (with apologies to Donna Summer.) Hossein Nagavi, a member of the Majlis from a faction close to Khamenei, beat the Governor of a district from Varamin.

Jan. 17 - Five SSF vans and 100 officers did their best to prevent the group Mothers of the Uprising from gathering in Laleh Park. Thirty of these ladies were arrested and taken to Evin Prison where they were held fro 72 hours.

Jan. 17 - Eighty-five Christians were arrested on Christmas Eve in various parts of Iran.

Jan. 18 - The assassination of Dr. Mohammadi may be the result of disputes withing the regime and not action by external forces.

Jan. 18 - There has been a 93% reduction in foreign investment in Iran. The OECD rates Iran as risk level 6 of 7 levels. Only $822 million was invested in Iran during 2009. (Still too much.)

Jan. 18 - Dr. Abbas Shakeri a member of the Scientific Board of Kashan University who was amongst a group of students and political activists said: “in these days it is the duty of all sectors of the society to keep united against oppression. The duty of master minds of the country is to lead the march of Feb.11th. This march is an opportunity for disclosing the murderers of the nation”.
In another part of his speech Dr. Shekari pointed to the rumors about Khamenei’s sickness and added: “RCG and Intelligence are parted. Disunity is obvious amongst supporters of Ahmadinejad.

I have connection with some informed sources in the state and I know that the heads of the state even Khamenei himself admits that Feb.11th of this year is the test of death and life for the state”.

At the end of the session some students talked about ways to conduct the flood of protesting people on Feb.11th.

Dr. Shekari emphasized on the initiatives by youths and students for forming leading groups to conduct the marchers.

Jan. 18 - Escalation of laborers’ strikes these days in governmental or semi-governmental factories and enterprises are worrying regime’s administration.

Tehran and other cities of Iran are facing labor crisis due to Ahmadinejad’s economical policies. As a result of these policies a great number of factories are broke and a great number of workers are fired rising the ratio of unemployment.

The largest strikes have occurred so far in Ahwaz, Shiraz, Bandar Abbass and Abadan repeatedly. Iran’s greatest oil refinery is located in Abadan.

Jan. 17 - In a raid of the agents of regime’s notorious Intelligence Ministry at a house in Shiraz 6 of our Christian compatriots were arrested accused of the mullah-made crime of becoming Christians.

They were transferred on Jan.8th to Fars’ Intelligence Bureau’s detention centers and there is no news of them since. Six others were summoned to the bureau and arrested there. There is no news of them too.

Two other Christians have been arrested in Rasht and one in Shiraz before this event. Compulsory arrests of our Christian compatriots by fascist Khamenei is increasing these days.

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