Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tennis Jihad: LADY GA-GA KARKAR: Palestinian group plots Australian Open disruption

The wife a wealthy Melbourne barrister, Sonja Karkar and her pro-terror Palestinian front group “Australians for Palestine” is planning to disrupt the Australian Open tennis tournament in Melbourne.

VEXNEWS understands that Victoria Police have been alerted to the disruption plans.

Karkar’s group has gone completely ga-ga because an Israeli (read Jew) athlete Shahar Peer has entered the tournament. They plan to terrorise and intimidate Peer in an orchestrated campaign of disruption.

Her website ominously encourages members of her pro-terrorist group to attend any game played by Shahar Peer:

The Australian Open begins on Monday 18 January 2010 and runs for two weeks. Shahar Peer will be playing in the first round and as soon as we know the date and time of her match, we will post the details.

An email sent by Karkar makes her intentions perfectly clear:


VEXNEWS understands from a well-placed source that Karkar’s group plans to smuggle whistles and other noise-making devices into the tennis centre.

They will not necessarily all be sitting in one group. In addition they will attempt to bring in a large banner to unfurl attacking the young woman and her country. These non-violent terrorist tactics are clearly calculated at distracting and discouraging Shaheer Peer from playing the sport at the elite level.

Left-wing sources have been told that they can expect a free pass to be organised by them, giving rise to the suspicion that the wealthy lady Karkar is financing the tennis terror campaign.

She is married to one of Melbourne’s most accomplished commercial barristers.

The bejewelled, heavily made-up activist is affronted at the mere presence of an Israeli athlete at the Australian Open and has judged her to be responsible for what ails the upper class protester.

The ginger group Australians for Palestine have displayed posters that include a photograph of Shahar Peer in Israeli military uniform without explaining that all Israelis are required to serve in the Israeli Defence Forces, a situation made necessary by being surrounded by those wishing to obliterate the Middle East’s only true liberal democracy.

Karkar’s attack is nothing less than organised racism, she pronounces:

Although Shahar Peer has been asked to step away from promoting Israel, she already made her choice to serve Israel when she agreed to become an Israeli army poster girl.

Her group disingenously claims Israel is an “apartheid” state, despite Israel being one of the most ethnically diverse and inclusive societies on Earth. And uses that false claim to justify a “sports boycott.”


(See also previous post on "Tennis Jihad" )

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