Saturday, October 31, 2009

Military Option on the Table is reporting here that the United States is apparently taking moves to be prepared for war in the Middle East.

DEBKAfile’s US intelligence sources report indications of impending war preparations against Iran after Tehran’s rejections of the UN-brokered proposal to ship its enriched uranium overseas for further enrichment.

These sources reveal that the administration is seeking congressional authorization to open America’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR).

Furthermore, the US-Israeli joint US-Israel Juniper Cobra ballistic exercise is in full swing. Finally, US and Israel officials have been instructed to warn Moscow that the military option is still on the table if Iran’s nuclear program is not halted by diplomatic means.

These actions are apparently in response to Iran’s negative reply to sending the bulk of its enriched uranium to Russia and France for reprocessing into fuel rods.

Analysis. Iran is button pushing again. They want the war and chaos it creates to provide the conditions for the “Hidden Imam” to reappear.

They also want to be the defender in this scenario. They are willing to absorb whatever attack the Israelis , and others, may deliver against them to get that to happen.

Expect Iran to continue the present course as long as the mullahocracy remains in power.

At some point the Israelis primarily and most likely in consultations and cooperation with their neighbors who will also be effected will attack Iran’s nuclear facilities and other military targets. Six months?

Source: World Threats

Iran Update: Parts 1 and 2

Part 1

These events have been reported to World Threats.

The Ministry of education’s Academic Basij Resistance summoned all of the commanders of the ministry’s Basij centers to instruct them on confronting the pupil’s march on Nov. 4.

The Basij forces are to be spread in groups of 50 among the pupils to control their behavior and slogans. Apparently the Special Security Forces personnel did not want to confront their own children in the marches.

Graffiti has appeared in all sections of Tehran inviting the people to participate in the Nov. 4 demonstrations

In a letter stamped “confidential” and “urgent” , the Press Assistant of the Guidance Minister wrote, “emphasizing that the issue of the 10th presidential elections has ended in light of the confirmation of legal and official sources, we request that you seriously restrain from publishing any news, pictures or contents which causes tension in the society or disrupts public order.” This letter was sent to all newspapers, news organizations and websites.

Mohammad Saleh Jukar, the head of the Pupils and Teachers Basij Organization has announced the formation of resistance units called 'Omidan Resistance’. He said,

We have not had resistance units in elementary level until now and we will form these units in 6,000 elementary school this year. These units have the duty of encouraging the culture of Basijis and the responsibility of this issue lies with Basiji teachers. We know that some deceived people (the freedom loving people of Iran) want to take advantage of this day (Nov. 4). Our nation (those who follow the Supreme Leader) has always expressed its wrath towards the global arrogance (the United States). The enemy tries to take advantage of this opportunity but out people will nullify the conspiracies. All the slogans and our fists must aim at USA and the dominant powers who want to prevent our progress.”

Analysis. The regime is running scared. Any sign of weakness on its part cannot be tolerated in the light of the current conflict with most of the rest of the world over its nuclear program. If information on the size and scope of the anti-regime activities gets out to the rest of the World, there is an excellent chance that the Group of Six will apply more pressure to get Iran to accept the current deal to get at least some of its enriched uranium out of the country.

The Iranian people are fighting for their freedom from the oppression of the mullahs.

Why aren’t we supporting them?!


Part 2

These events have been reported to World Threats.

Following his reply to the European countries and the IAEA over the plan to have Russia and France process Iran’s enriched uranium into fuel rods, Ahmadinejad said in Mashad, “the world should know and some of our own people around the country should know too that this administration will not retreat even a step from the decisive right of the Iranian nation.

To provide Tehran’s nuclear fuel was an opportunity to estimate the honesty of some people, governments and the IAEA. We will shake any hand that has honesty but if someone is dishonest and is laying a conspiracy the answer of our nation is the same decisive answer that it gave to Mr. Bush and his followers.”

Ali Khamenei met with a group of people whom the Regime’s TV calls talented. At this meeting he said,

They say they don’t criticize the leadership. OK go tell them to do so. I should welcome that. Of course they do criticize. I cannot explain it here and now. There are lots of criticisms and I do receive them and I do understand them.

The main issue was the election Under questioning the election was the biggest crime. Why do you close your eyes on this crime? The election was the actual democracy that everybody claims it, then some people come exactly the day after the election and say it was a sham election is a small crime? the enemy took advantage of that.

There are also some people inside the country who opposed the Islamic Republic System from day one. It is for 30 years they they oppose it; they to took advantage of this opportunity. Even some elements of the system itself took advantage of this opportunity. First I warned them privately. If I announce something in the Friday Prayer’s preach I’ve said that privately first.

I’ve had advised them first. I told them your are starting something you cannot stop later. They are not chanting death to Israel or America any more; what is the meaning of that? In the world of politics you must see several steps ahead, both your’s and the enemy’s. By undermining the election they made people to confront the state. This is not something negligible.

Things don’t just go right by talking. See! Advertising for election should have only started about a month before it but they started it three months sooner. I opposed that. TV gave coverage to some electoral journeys, to some talks, to the disputes over election to show that we have freedom of thought. These are only hallucinations. This is just provoking chaos….

The students at Ilam University chanted anti-regime slogans during an appearance by Rahim Savavi, Khamenei’s Military Advisor and the former head of the revolutionary Guards Corps.

Some shopkeepers in Isfahan flew the Iranian flag without the clerical regimes symbol. At least ten cases of this were reported.

The regime is increasing pressure on those citizens with relatives living in Ashraf, Iraq. This is to put pressure on the members of the People’s Mujahadeen of Iran.

Amnesty International has demanded freedom for Dr. Mohammad Maleki. the 76 year old researcher has been imprisoned for 41 days apparently because he criticized the presidential election. Dr. Maleki is the former head of Tehran University.

Ali Mohatari, a member of the Majlis, has admitted to vast arrests during the nationwide uprisings. He said, “from the beginning of the protest thousands had been arrested in Iran, hundreds of them including 20 reporters are still in prison. some of Iran’s recent detainees have died in teh prisons and some have accused the SSF and security officials of committing torture and rape. Hundred of them have been put on trial and tree of them have been condemned to the death penalty. Judges are not independent and sometimes receive orders from the High Council of National Security.”

Source: World Threats

Fatah: Don't Send Us Back to Gaza

Hundreds of Fatah terrorists from Gaza have been living in Yehudah and Shomron (Judea and Samaria) for more than two years after fleeing from Hamas during bloody fights for control of Gaza in 2007.

The Palestinian Authority has now filed an official request asking Israel to allow Fatah members to stay where they are.

The roughly 400 terrorists who fled Gaza are unable to move freely throughout Yehudah and Shomron for fear that they will be stopped at a checkpoint and forced to return to their place of residence – Gaza – where, they say, they could face revenge attacks.

A PA source said Israel has not refused the request outright, but has asked each of the 400 to submit an individual request for Yehudah and Shomron residency.

Israel is generally cautious about granting Gaza residents permits to move to Yehudah and Shomron out of concern that terrorists could move from place to place in order to set up new terror cells and plan attacks.

Several dozen Fatah terrorists were killed in the 2007 battle for Gaza, and hundreds were wounded.

Intermittent Fatah-Hamas clashes have been reported in Gaza, Yehudah and Shomron over the past two years as well, and hundreds have been killed or wounded.

Source: INN

Uncertainty grows over Afghan poll

The main challenger to Afghanistan's incumbent president is expected to announce soon whether he will participate or withdraw from next week's election runoff.

Abdullah Abdullah had issued what he called minimum conditions for the runoff following the disputed first-round vote and set Saturday as the deadline for authorities to implement them.

Al Jazeera's Jonah Hull, reporting from Kabul, the Afghan capital, quoted Abdullah's campaign as saying that it would hold a news conference to discuss the matter on Sunday.

"His spokesman [says] that a final decision hasn't yet been made by Dr Abdullah to react to the fact that many of those conditions have not been met," our correspondent said.

"We're now told [Abdullah] is in intensive meetings; he is still making up his mind."

The first round of voting on August 20 was so badly affected by ballot-box stuffing and distorted tallies that more than one million votes were thrown out.

The fraud pushed Hamid Karzai, the president, below the required 50 per cent margin needed to win, forcing the country into a second round to be held on November 7.

Abdullah has accused the country's electoral commission of being complicit in the fraud.

Abdullah's conditions for the runoff to take place included the dismissal of Azizullah Ludin, the government-appointed co-ordinator, to ensure a fair vote.

But both the Karzai campaign and the election commission have said that Ludin will not step down.

Read more here,,,,

Source: Al Jazeera (English)

Bomb kills soldiers in Pakistan

At least seven Pakistani soldiers have been killed in a roadside bomb blast in a tribal region of northwest Pakistan, officials say.

The vehicle was travelling in Pakistan's Khyber region on Saturday when it was struck about 15km west of the city of Peshawar.

"Seven paramilitary soldiers were killed and 11 were wounded in the remote-control bomb attack," Shafirullah Khan, the chief administrative official of Khyber tribal district, told the AFP news agency.

Khyber is on the main supply route through Pakistan to Afghanistan, where international military forces are fighting the Taliban.

The bomb blast came as Pakistan's military continued its offensive against Taliban fighters in South Waziristan, in the country's northwest.

Pakistani fighter jets bombed three suspected Taliban positions in the Orkazai tribal region on Saturday, the Associated Press news agency reported.

At least eight fighters were killed and several others wounded, the news agency cited intelligence officials as saying.

The military launched the offensive two weeks ago, pitting about 30,000 Pakistani troops against an estimated 10 to 12,000 members of the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP).

Asif Ali Zardari, Pakistan's president, has said security forces will not stop until they have defeated the fighters.

"There [is] no turning back ... until the complete elimination of the militants," a statement from his office said on Friday.

His pledge follows comments from Hillary Clinton, the US secretary of state, who suggested on Thursday that Pakistani officials could do more to find and fight al-Qaeda and the Taliban.

She said al-Qaeda had enjoyed a "safe haven" in Pakistan since 2002 and said that some Pakistani officials might know where the group's leaders are hiding.

"I find it hard to believe that nobody in your government knows where they are and couldn't get them if they really wanted to," Clinton said to a group of newspaper editors in the city of Lahore during a three-day visit to the country.

Source: Al Jazeera (English)

Father of 9/11 Victim Fights to Have 'Murdered by Muslim Terrorists' Inscribed on Son's Memorial

Image credit: All Seeing Eye
By Douglas Kennedy

KENT, Conn. - Peter Gadiel wants everyone to remember his son, James, who was killed during the September 11 terrorist attacks.

And he also wants people to remember how he died: "Murdered by Muslim terrorists."

For Gadiel, any tribute to his son would be woefully incomplete without those words.

"I think it's important, because I think there's a nationwide effort to suppress the identity of the people who were involved in the attacks," Gadiel told Fox News.

Eight years ago, 23-year-old James Gadiel worked for Cantor Fitzgerald on the 103rd floor of the World Trade Center. He died when a hijacked plane crashed into the North Tower.

For years, Gadiel's hometown of Kent, Conn., has wanted to honor the young man with a memorial plaque next to its town hall. But the tribute has hit a snag because James' father wants to include the phrase, "Murdered by Muslim terrorists," under his son's name.

For Peter Gadiel, it is a central fact of the Sept. 11 attacks that is often left out. Read more ...

Source: Fox News
Peter Gadiel
Latest recipient of The MASH Award

MASH Award

Municipality of Kent
Latest recipient of The Dhimmi Award

The Dhimmi Award

MASH message for Peter Gadiel:

Dear Mr. Gadiel,

You said: "Muslims have to acknowledge that it was their co-religionists who committed this act in their name." We couldn't agree with you more. Please know that there are Muslims who are disgusted with Kent officials' cowardice. Without acknowledging what happened on 9/11, there is no way forward. Germany acknowledged the Holocaust and other atrocities perpetrated by the Nazis in WWII and Germans became a better people for it. We would like to add our voices to your demand that "Murdered by Muslim terrorists" be added on your son's memorial plaque.


Muslims Against Sharia

Examples of "Tolerance" for Muslims on Facebook
updated with new "pearls of wisdom" from facebook bigots

Aaron Ayoun-Rapolani:
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*This and some other words are edited by MASH. Unedited version is available upon request.
**"Aaron Goldsmith" is most likely impersonating an Israeli Jew. Sometimes he/she uses highly derogatory ethnically charged remarks about the Jews.

A few "people" here seem to hate Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, and Geert Wilders almost as much as "they" hate Muslims. Therefore one should wonder whether or not Bill Warner of WBI is behind some/all of those facebook accounts.

Source: Facebook

Burq-ingham Palace: Hate preacher calls for the Queen to wear full Muslim dress

By Sam Greenhill

The Queen forced to wear a burkha and Buckingham Palace turned into a mosque - that was the vision of Britain under Sharia law proposed by a Muslim firebrand today.

Preacher of hate Anjem Choudary even showed mocked-up photographs of the palace sporting a golden dome and Nelson's Column as a minaret.

He was speaking ahead of a demonstration calling for Sharia law planned for Central London tomorrow, which it is feared could descend into violence.

Police are working to avoid a clash between moderate Muslim groups and far-right mobs who have organised rival demonstrations.

But Choudary boasted: 'It only takes a few people to start a full-scale riot in the middle of the city. There are far-right groups hoping to engage us in physical confrontation in Trafalgar Square or Piccadilly. These animals won't come empty handed.'

He claimed: 'The amount of threats we have received has been phenomenal. Bomb threats, death threats, we have received hundreds of them from people saying they are going to come and confront us.'

The cleric and self-styled judge of the Sharia court of the UK said he expected several hundred of his followers to march through Central London calling for Parliament to be abolished in favour of the laws of Allah.

He said: 'We hope to eradicate man-made law from Britain and the world. We call upon Gordon Brown to implement Sharia law and we call upon the Queen to give up playing God. There is only one supreme being.

When Sharia law is implemented, maybe in 10 or 15 years' time, she would be expected like all women in Britain to be covered from head to toe, only revealing her face and hands.'

If Her Majesty refused, he said she would be 'punished' according to Sharia law.

British Head of the Muslim group Anjem Choudary speaks to media in Westminster today to announce plans to force the Queen to wear a burkha

Choudary's sidekick Abu Rumaysahl added: 'Buckingham Palace would become a mosque and play a central role in society.'

At a press conference to outline their vision, Choudary brought in fellow hate cleric Omar Bakri to preach by speaker phone from his exile in Lebanon.

Bakri, banned from Britain four years ago, launched an astonishing diatribe lasting half an hour in which he called for jihad, saying: 'We do not want ourselves to be judged by a man-made law. The struggle for Islam is a struggle worth dying for. Islam must be defended by the sword.'

Choudary and his extremist group Al-Muhajiroun want a legal system in which adulterers and homosexuals would be stoned to death and thieves have their hands chopped off.

He said: 'Thieves would have various warnings first, and only in cases where he has stolen more than £20 of non-perishable goods from a private house would his hand be chopped off.

'We are being realistic, we know it could take time to implement, but it is a fact that in Britain Muslims are predicted to outnumber practising Christians, in terms of going to places of worship, by 2015.'

Choudary, who was not wearing a Remembrance Day poppy, said he did not support the sacrifices of British soldiers. He said: 'We are not allowed to feel sorry for those wars fought for land which served no purpose. Only wars in defence of Allah or your family or property are just wars.'

Choudary said the location of today's demonstration in London was being kept a secret till the last minute to avoid violent clashes. Members of the group English Defence League are expected to try to disrupt the event.

But moderate Muslim groups accused Choudary of running scared of engaging with them. Tehmina Kazi, director of British Muslims for Secular Democracy, said: 'It sounds like pure cowardice. He is afraid of engaging with ordinary patriotic British Muslims who have a sense of tolerance and fair play.

'We stand up for mainstream Muslims who see no conflict between their religion and being British. Anjem Choudary tries to be as provocative as possible, and everything he says undermines community cohesion and is a slap in the face to every patriotic British person.'

Although Choudary refused to say so, penalties under Sharia law for not wearing a burqa include a woman being repeatedly lashed with a stick or a cable.

Tory MP Patrick Mercer branded Choudary's plans 'extremely distasteful' and added: 'If anyone thinks those views are a step forward they are seriously deluded. They are repellent and repulsive.'

The Islamic Society of Britain said: '99.999 per cent of Muslims despise these people.'

Source: Mail Online

Why Are Egypt's 'Liberals' Anti-Semitic?


Today Egypt will play host to the 56th Congress of Liberal International (LI), which bills itself as the world federation of liberal and progressive democratic parties. Among the nearly 70 parties represented by LI are Britain's Liberal Democrats, Germany's Free Democrats and the Liberal Party of Canada. In the U.S., LI's Web site cites the National Democratic Institute as a cooperating organization since 1986.

In Cairo, the visiting delegates will be hosted by the Al-Gabha, or Democratic Front Party (DFP). Western liberals (in the old-fashioned sense of that word) are always delighted to discover like-minded people in the Third World, and perhaps nowhere more so than in Arab countries.

Yet, at least in Egypt, there's a dirty little secret about these self-described liberal parties: They are, for the most part, virulently anti-Semitic.

Consider the case of Sekina Fouad, a well-known journalist who also serves as the DFP's vice president. In an article published earlier this year, Ms. Fouad dismisses any distinction between Jews and Israelis, the reason for which is "the extremity of the doctrine of arrogance, distinctiveness and condescension [the Jews] set out from and seek to achieve by all means, and on top of which blood, killing, terrorizing and frightening."

She corroborates this argument with an alleged statement by "President" Benjamin Franklin, asking Americans to expel Jews since they are "like locusts, never to get on a green land without leaving it deserted and barren." Needless to say, Franklin never made any such statement.

Nor is Ms. Fouad some kind of outlier. Take Ayman Nour, who contested the 2005 presidential election under the banner of his own party and was subsequently jailed for nearly four years.

Immediately after his release earlier this year, he attended a celebration organized by opposition groups—including the Muslim Brotherhood—in the northern city of Port Said, commemorating "the first battalion of volunteers from the Egyptian People setting off to fight the Jews in 1948."

The word "Jews" was stressed in bolded black lettering on the otherwise blue and red banner hanging above the conference panel. Yet far from trying to distance himself from that message, Mr. Nour got into the spirit of the conference, talking about "the value of standing up to this enemy, behind which lies all evils, conspiracies and threats that are spawned against Egypt."

Then there is the case of Egypt's oldest "liberal" party, Al-Wafd, whose eponymous daily newspaper is one of Egypt's most active platforms for anti-Semitism. Following President Obama's conciliatory Cairo speech to the Muslim world, columnist Ahmed Ezz El-Arab faulted Mr. Obama for insisting that the Holocaust was an actual historical event.

These examples are, sadly, just the tip of an iceberg. What makes them all the more remarkable is that, contrary to stereotype, they do not have particularly ancient roots in Egypt.

Until Egypt's Jews were expelled by Gamal Abdel Nasser in the 1950s and '60s, Egypt had a millennia-old, thriving Jewish community. As late as the 1930s, Jewish politicians occupied ministerial posts in Egyptian governments and participated in nationalist politics.

But all that changed with the rise of totalitarian and fascist movements in Europe, which found more than their share of imitators in the Arab world. When Egypt's monarchy was overthrown in 1952 by a military coup, anti-Semitism became an ideological pillar of the new totalitarian dispensation.

Since then, Egypt has evolved, coming to terms (of a sort) with Israel and adopting some market-based economic principles. But anti-Semitism remains the glue holding Egypt's disparate political forces together. This is especially true of the so-called liberals, who think they can traffic on their anti-Semitism to gain favor in quarters where they would otherwise be suspect.

Westerners, who tend to treat Arabs with a condescension masked as "understanding," may be quick to dismiss all this as a function of anger at Israeli policies and therefore irrelevant to the development of liberal politics in the Arab world.

Yet a liberal movement that winds up espousing the kind of anti-Semitism that would have done the Nazis proud is, quite simply, not liberal.

Messrs. Bargisi and Tadros are senior partners with the Egyptian Union of Liberal Youth.

Source: WSJ Online

Pakistan's Coming Horror

Pakistan is once again on the receiving end of violence and militant intimidation. Wednesday's attacks were among the country's deadliest.

A car bomb tore through a crowded market full of women's clothing shops and general market stalls in Peshawar, killing 95 people.

The explosion came about three hours after U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrived in Islamabad, just 100 miles away.

Tensions have soared across Pakistan following a spike in Taliban-mediated violence killing more than 240 people this month alone. Peshawar, a gateway to the northwest tribal belt where the Pakistani Army is on a major offensive against Taliban militants, is a perpetual target for violence. But now, as the line between military and civilian targets blurs, the bloodshed has shaken even the most resilient Pakistanis.

It has shattered any illusion that the Pakistani army is successfully quashing the Taliban. And if Wednesday's strikes tell us anything, it is that there is much more violence to come. Pakistan is at war, and civilians are no longer immune.

The recent string of bloody attacks began on October 12, when a suicide car bombing targeting Pakistani troops killed 41 people in a market in northwest Shangla district, a Pashto-speaking area in the Swat Valley.

The Pakistani army claimed it had retaken the area from militants, but the bombing proved otherwise. Two weeks later, a suicide bomber blew himself up inside a U.N. aid agency in Islamabad, killing five staffers.

The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack and warned of more violence unless the army ended its current offensive in the tribal areas of South Waziristan. It made good on its promise on October 10 when militants raided the army headquarters in the city of Rawalpindi.

Military spokesman Maj. Gen. Athar Abbas said during a press conference in Rawalpindi that the attacks were meant to force the government to "reconsider its decision to go after the Taliban in their heartland on the Afghan border."

Now, the Taliban are threatening to unleash an even grander assault. "The more Taliban feel hemmed in by the Pakistani military presence around South Waziristan, where the Taliban has strongholds, the more they fight back like cornered animals," explains Haroon Rashid of BBC Urdu.

Read more here,,,,

Source: Foreign Policy

Jihad's motley crew

Milanda Rout

ON a building site in Melbourne's western suburbs, an unlikely group of characters found themselves working together.

Yacqub Khayre arrived in Australia from Somalia as a young boy and spoke good English, worked hard but could not communicate with his Turkish-speaking boss.

Nayef El Sayed was young but had a fair share of responsibility with three children and a newborn baby. Wissam "Omar" Fattal, a former kickboxer and Muslim convert, used to complain about music played on the site because it was forbidden under Islamic law. They were all described by their boss as gentlemen who got their work done and seemed to get along.

So how did this group, along with two others, Saney Aweys and Abdirahman Ahmed - best described as a motley crew of individuals from different backgrounds and life experiences - end up being charged with conspiring to plan a terrorist attack on the Holsworthy army base in Sydney?

Seven volumes of prosecution evidence was tendered this week to the Melbourne Magistrates Court after four of the five men pleaded not guilty, waived the right to a committal hearing and were ordered to standtrial.

The fifth man, El Sayed, was not obliged to enter a plea and has reserved his right to have a committal proceeding next May.

The substantial brief - including lengthly police interviews - traces the life story of each leading up the fateful morning of the dramatic police raids that put an end to their alleged terror plot. Each is a tale of immigration and resettlement in a new country, and none is quite like the other.

Aweys, Ahmed and Khayre came as humanitarian refugees with their families from Somalia when they were children, with Khayre growing up among Italian and Greekmigrants. He cannot speak Somalian orArabic.

Fattal and El Sayed came to Australia from Lebanon, Fattal on the urging of a boxing promoter as he was a prize kickboxer and El Sayed returning here after doing one year of military service.

The group got to know each other when they started attending the Preston Mosque in Melbourne's northern suburbs.

The Australian Federal Police allege that, despite their differences, these five men were planning to die together, to launch a suicide attack on Holsworthy in which they would storm the military base and gun down as many soldiers as they could before they themselves were shot.

Aweys was said to have access to weapons. He was also said to have sought religious blessing - known as a fatwa - from a number of sheiks in Somalia to give sanction to their murderous plans.

"They want to enter into the military/forces are stationed, the barracks. Their desire to fan out and get as much as they could until they would be hit," Aweys says in one of the key conversations captured by secret AFP telephone intercepts, tendered to the court this week.

"And 20 minutes would be enough for us to take out five, six, 10 and eight - whatever Allah know ... six of them once they enter inside the location/place for about 20minutes to 30 minutes, until they will use up theirweapons."

Read more here,,,,,

Source: The Australian

IFPS and Lord Malcolm Pearson

Here is a chilling interview with the man who invited Geert Wilders to speak at the British House of Lords. ‘This is not a right wing nut’ nor a racist but in fact a liberal in every sense of the word and most importantly, in the true ‘Jeffersonian’ sense of it. Once men of this caliber begin to risk their public profile with opinions which are unfashionable, it is safe to say we have a very real crisis on our collective hands.

Thanks to Vlad Tepes

Pirates warn over kidnap couple

Somali pirates who kidnapped a British couple from their yacht last week have warned against any effort to rescue them, saying they would “burn their bones” should such an attempt be made.

The couple and the pirates had both been in touch with a number of media outlets recently.

While the couple voiced concerns about their safety and spoke of their ordeal, the pirates made ransom demands in their phone interviews.

Paul and Rachel Chandler were sailing from the Seychelles to Tanzania in the Indian Ocean on their 11.6-metre boat called Lynn Rival when they were kidnapped. A distress signal was sent out on October 23.

The pirates forced the pair to sail towards Somalia after their boat was captured.

The British navy found their empty yacht on Thursday and it is believed the couple were taken to the pirate stronghold of Harardhere, a coastal town which lies within Somali borders.

Among talks that the pirates have had with the media, one included a call to a Spanish television station that was monitored by a EU-led warship, in which Mohammed Hussein, a pirate, threatened to “burn their bones”.

“We are telling Britain that any bullet of our friends on the yacht will be big cries for the families of the two old people we held,” said Mr Hussein in broken English.

Read more here,,,,

Source: The National

Thousands of Islamic Jihad supporters gather in Gaza

Tens of thousands of Islamic Jihad loyalists held a rally in Gaza on Friday to commemorate the group's slain founder.

Holding plastic models of rockets and wearing masks and mock suicide bomber's vests, the members chanted "death to Israel" and "Muhammad's army will be back to wipe off the Hebrew state."

An Islamic Jihad leader, Nafez Azzam, called on the crowd Friday to reject negotiations with Israel and support violent resistance.

The group was founded in 1979 by Fathi Shikaki as an offshoot of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood. Shikaki was gunned down in Malta in October 1995 by a man on a motorcycle in attack widely attributed to Israel.

Islamic Jihad, a smaller organization than Hamas, has carried out dozens of suicide bombings and other attacks against Israeli civilians.

Source: JPost

Somali women flogged for not wearing socks

Sharia Alert: A system such as Sharia, with insufficient (or mostly absent) limitations on power, lends itself to even more imaginative abuses than are explicitly stated in the letter of the law. "Somali women beaten for violating Islamic law, officials say," by Mohammed Amiin Adow for CNN, October 29:
Militants who control parts of Somalia's capital city are beating women in broad daylight for violating their radical brand of Islamic law, according to local officials and witnesses in Mogadishu.
"Just today, Al-Shabaab dispatched men with whips to the streets around Bakara market and they are flogging any woman who is found not wearing socks," according to a female maize trader at the Mogadishu market, who spoke Thursday.
She did not want to be named for security reasons.
In the past two days, more than 130 people, including women who were not wearing headscarves and men chewing dried khat leaves, have been detained for violating Al-Shabaab's interpretation of sharia, or Islamic law, according to witnesses and officials.
Hooded Al-Shabaab gunmen rounded up 50 women on Wednesday from Mogadishu's Bakara market for not wearing the veil that is required for women under some interpretations of Islamic law, according to the maize trader.
"Most of these women were vegetable traders, so they are poor and can't afford to buy veils for 600,000 shillings [about $23 U.S.]," she said.
She said she saw more women being detained Thursday.
Another 80 Somali civilians were detained in the southwestern town of Luuq, near the Kenyan and Ethiopian border, "because they turned deaf ear to orders we imposed on the town," said the local Al-Shabaab commander Sheikh Hussien al-Iraqi.
Al-Shabaab is considered a terrorist organization by the United States because of its ties to Osama bin Laden's al Qaeda network.
It has been imposing stricter rules on Somali civilians living in the areas it controls.
Earlier this month, Al-Shabaab militants whipped women for wearing bras in an area of northern Mogadishu that they control, shocking residents who have been besieged by the ongoing insurgency. The militants believe the female undergarments are a deception to men.
Source: JihadWatch

Egyptians seek to prosecute Nasrallah

Roee Nahmias

An Egyptian prosecution team, appointed to handle a suspected terror cell set up in the country, demands putting Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah at the top of the list of defendants in the affair, which includes 26 people, Egyptian newspaper al-Gomhuria reported Friday.

During a discussion held at an Egyptian court, the defendants refused to accept the appointed Egyptian defense team, after the previous team resigned last Wednesday. The court decided to postpone the discussion to November 21.

Meanwhile in Lebanon, some harsh criticism has been voiced against the Nasrallah's Shiite organization. Patriarch Mar Nasrallah Boutros Sfeir of the Maronite Church slammed Hezbollah, saying the organization works for Iran's interests more than it does for Lebanon.

He told the al-Masira magazine that weapons are not in line with democracy and that the majority faction (Lebanon's anti-Syrian camp) and the minority faction (the camp led by Hezbollah) cannot sit in the same government.

Sfeir noted that "in Lebanon, there are those who are assisted by elements from the outside to make political gains in the parliament or government," pointing to Hezbollah. He added that arms must be in the possession of the military only.

Lebanese media outlets reported that the launcher of a rocket fired at Israel from the village of Houla on Tuesday resembled the launcher of a rocket fired recently from the village of al-Qalila.

A group called "the Ziad Al-Jarrah Brigades", belonging to the Global Jihad, claimed responsibility for the previous firing incident.

Lebanese security sources noted that this organization was attempting to undermine the security and stability in southern Lebanon and portray itself as an organization leading a battle through rocket fire. According to the sources, there is no chance that this will happen as Hezbollah controls the south.
Source: YNet

Poll: Who holds moral high ground in the Arab-Israeli conflict?

Who holds moral high ground in the Arab-Israeli conflict?

 I am a Muslim
I don't know

 I am a Jew
I don't know

 I am neither a Muslim nor a Jew
I don't know


Friday, October 30, 2009

Iran makes nuclear fuel demand

Iran has told the UN nuclear watchdog that it wants new supplies of nuclear fuel for a reactor before it agrees to ship most of its enriched uranium stocks to Russia and France, diplomats have said.

Diplomats said on Friday that Western powers, which accuse Tehran of seeking nuclear weapons, found the Iranian demand unacceptable.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) described Iran's demand as an "initial response" to its brokered nuclear fuel proposal.

The deal would involve Iran sending potential nuclear fuel abroad for processing to allay Western concerns.

Mohamed ElBaradei, the IAEA chief, who is in New York for a series of meetings at the UN headquarters, declined to comment on Iran's response to the proposal.

But Western diplomats appeared unimpressed by the Iranian demand.

"The Iranians want to get enriched uranium fuel for their reactor first before they send it abroad, which simply isn't acceptable," one diplomat was quoted by the Reuters news agency as saying.

The Iranian state news agency, IRNA, said it was not Tehran's final "answer" to the plan.

Iran has insisted on simultaneously exchanging its low-enriched uranium for nuclear fuel produced overseas, the state news agency said on Friday, calling the demand a "red line'' that will not be abandoned.

The condition undermines the basis of the plan which demands Iran ship most of its uranium to be further enriched in Russia and turned into fuel rods in France for use in a research reactor.

Ban Ki-moon, the UN secretary-general, urged Iran earlier this week to accept the IAEA proposal, saying it would "constitute an important confidence-building measure".

Iran insists its nuclear programme is peaceful and has refused to halt it.

Source: Al Jazeera (English)

Taliban leader rejects U.S. attempts to lure away fighters with money

Kabul, Afghanistan :A top Taliban political leader delivered a message Friday to President Obama, calling his attempt to lure away Taliban fighters with money "an old weapon that has failed already."

"The Mujahedeen of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan are not mercenaries and employed gunmen like the armed men of the invaders and their surrogates," Mullah Brader Akhund said in the statement. "This war will come to an end when all invaders leave our country and an Islamic government based on the aspirations of our people is formed in the country."

Akhund is the deputy emir of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, which is the political arm of the Taliban.

He was referring to the Taliban reintegration provision, part of the $680 billion defense appropriation bill that Obama signed Wednesday to pay for military operations in the 2010 fiscal year.

The provision would separate local Taliban from their leaders, paying the fighters to quit the organization, replicating a program used to neutralize the insurgency against Americans in Iraq, according to the Sen. Carl Levin, chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee.

Akhund said 19th century British invaders and Soviet fighters in the 1980s tried the same tactic, unsuccessfully.

He said the Taliban consider the U.S. measure "a sign of weakness and complete despondency of the enemy."

Read more here,,,,

Source: CNN

Iran Update, Parts 1 and 2

These events have been reported to world Threats.

University students continue their resistance to the Iranian government.
Students of the School of Human Sciences of Allameh Tabatebei University and students from Payame Noor Nniversity and the School of Law demonstrated on Oct. 25th.

The students of Azad University in Tehran are distributing anti-regime leaflets nightly.

In a Friday Sermon on October 24th, Mullah Sedighi began laying the foundation for a cultural revolution against the universities. He also supported the inhuman bill of Ghesas (eye for an eye) and called it a blessing. He said, “we have hired our law, psychology, sociology and other branches of Human Sciences from west.

Sometimes some of our professors are influenced by west and their knowledge is also influenced by west. This framework doesn’t match our society. Our religion is the most important issue and this framework doesn’t comply with it. Some jurists cannot even bear the Islamic laws of punishment or Islamic rights for women and other issues in their classes and they talk about this opposition too.”

The government has installed additional satellite TV jammers in Tehran, Abadan, Ahvaz and Bushehr.

Sunni clerics have been banned from leading Friday prayers in Kermanshah, Kurdistan.

Labor protests at the Pipe Manufacturing company in Avaz continues. Labor unrest due to non-payment of wages has extended to the Alborz Chinaware Company in Alborz Industrial City.

The official newspaper Jomhori in its editorial under the title of Nuclear Turnover, Never wrote, “These days we are witnessing events during the nuclear negotiation with the 5+1 group in our diplomacy that we must give them a second thought.

With a little negligence years of efforts of country’s managers and scientists will be in vein. So during the negotiations we shouldn’t surrender the efforts and struggle of our scientists as a gift to westerners. Our board of negotiation must be aware that we will never want to stop our enrichment and halt our nuclear progress.”

After the United Kingdom Treasury Department put sanctions on the Bank Melat and its shipping company, Iran’s ambassador protested the sanctions in letters to the House of Commons and the House of Lords.

The ambassador said, “this inappropriate decision of the British Government will damage the interests of million of private shareholders and customers of the bank and shipping organization. It will also damage England’s legal system as well as the mutual relations between two countries.

The government continues to threaten Mousavi. One hundred of 290 members of the Majlis have signed a letter of complaint against Mousavi. Then again, 190 didn’t sign the letter.

At the International Exhibition of Media and News Agencies the Russian booth was closed. Nobody went to see it.


These events have been reported to world Threats.

Mullah Imani Kashani is no longer allowed to lead Friday Prayers in Tehran. That position is now filled by supporters of the current administration: Mullah Janati, Ahmed Khatami and Mullah Sedighi.

Some residents of Tehran are putting flowers on the graves of martyrs nationwide.

November fourth is Students Day. Might be an interesting day.

Reports from Karaj Gohardasht Prison solitary confinement area rioted against the conditions of their incarceration. The riot lated until 9 PM when the prison authorities used tear gas and beatings to reestablish control.

Young people are writing the name Neda on various traffic signs in the city of Yazd.

Anti-government graffiti continues to appear around the nation of Iran. The graffiti says things like “Khamenei is a criminal. Death to Khamenei.”, “Death to dictator”, “Khamenei be ashamed and leave my country alone”, “Death to the leader. Death to Ahmadinejad”, “Neither Qaza (Gaza) nor Lebanon I sacrifice my life for Iran”.

People are writing anti-regime slogans on the Iranian currency.

The Kurdistan Province’s Department of Education has forced the principals of the schools to get signed pledges from parents that their students will not participate in demonstrations on Students day.

Source: World Threats

Just Trying to Be "Fair and Balanced"

A couple of days ago there was an outburst of anti-Muslim hatred on Facebook. After posting some of the comments we got a suggestion, of sorts, that those comments presented a one-sided view. So, to balance it, here's the latest unedited Islamist email received from
Source: MASH mailbox.

Mogahed's Excuses Don't Add Up


By Cinnamon Stillwell

As reported last week by Campus Watch, Dalia Mogahed, appointee to President Obama’s Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships, executive director and senior analyst of the Gallup Center for Muslim Studies, and co-author, along with Georgetown University’s John Esposito, of Who Speaks for Islam?: What a Billion Muslims Really Think, appeared (by phone) earlier this month on the UK-based Islam Channel television program “Muslimah Dilemma” (view here and read the complete transcript here.) Ibtihal Bsis, the show’s host, is a member of the Islamist group Hizb ut Tahrir; Mogahed’s fellow guest, Nazreen Nawaz, is the group’s national women’s media representative. Given these affiliations, it’s no surprise that the discussion included such extremist fare as the promotion of sharia law for—of all things—protecting women’s rights, condemnation for secular pluralistic democracy, and the revival of a mythical caliphate as the answer to the Muslim world’s woes. Read more ...

Source: FPM
H/T: C.S.
Dalia Mogahed
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