Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Europe: after Communism a Void to be filled by Islamism?

Magdi Cristiano Allam (The Friendship Gathering, Evian, October 4th 2009)

Our Europe is a nation destined to a demographic, family, social and economic suicide. Because Europe is ashamed of its own roots, it looses its own beliefs, renounces to its own values and betrays its own identity.

This Europe continues to enlarge like a materialistic colossus without soul, seeking an illusory conception of happiness, based on a spasmodic and obsessive possession of materialistic goods, which reduces the human person to the sole dimension of ownership and which develops at the expense of the dimension of being and believing.

Europeans worship the gods of Money and Oil, in the presence of which they always stand ready. They do not hesitate bargaining their whole civilization in return of materialistic acquisitions. They sale democracy and crush underfoot there own dignity in order to obtain the favours of dictators and tyrants.In four words, our Europe shows itself as a "land of no one", a land on which there can be no certitudes concerning beliefs, values, identity and rules. As a consequence, Europe is perceived as a "land to conquer" , a process that is already under way.

Europe's collapse as a Nation and as a civilization runs the risk to transform EU into a Chinese colony at the economic level and/or into an area submitted to the Islamic ideology at the cultural- and social level.

The financial and economic crisis induced by the explosion of the speculative bubble fed by those who have disconnected the creation of money from the production of goods and services, has swept them to the collapse of the free trade ideology. This myth is based on the illusion that a spontaneous balance between the supply and demand of goods, services and money is sufficient to ensure the global market welfare, itself adored as a Perfect God that should never be "contaminated by the interference of any authority that has not been elected by the market".

Today, we assist to an extraordinary and unprecedented spectacle, where the United State's Government, the leading capitalist government, is purchasing private Banks. Now, even within capitalists ranks voices call for Governmental interventions, with always more massive injection of public money in order to prevent the further bankruptcy of banks and major companies. Although this mutualisation of risks and socialization of losses, is presented as a provisional anomaly which cannot be perpetuated, they forecast a deep change in the consciences and hence, in the way of functioning of the market economy.

It is obvious that this current situation implies a call for social equity which willinevitably lead to a new model of economic development, championing therespect for human dignity, rather than reducing the human being to the levelof a simple object of material growth: a model which seeks the common good,rather than satisfying the greed of a minority'. In this framework, we can say that the prospective of a social economy of the Market and the Church's social doctrine are re-emerging with an extraordinary topicality.

The collapse of the free trade ideological curtain, allowed by the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy in September 2008, is the most important event since the collapse of the Berlin wall in November 1989.

The first event has shown the success of the capitalistic and democratic system against the centralised and authoritarian communist system. The second event has proven the unsustainability of the Western civilization, in particular of Europe, since it has lost its own judeo-christian roots and abandoned its own faith. Former Pope Jean Paul the second has claimed the necessity of a Christian revival for Europe. Because this Europe without soul is becoming more and more "relativist", secularist, nihilist, Islamically correct, pusillanimous, fainthearted and multiculturalist.

- Relativisim, which denies the use of reason and of the faculty of criticism with a view to please everybody, puts at the same level all religions, cultures and values, and credits equal dignity to everything and its contrary.

- Laicism (extremist conception of secularity) leads to the exclusion of spirituality and family, the mortar or the cement that bound people beyond their sole economic ties.- Nihilism denies the very conception of truth, as it does not recognize the merit of values.- Goodness Ideology is based on the belief that we must just offer to the newcomers all what they want without the consent of the community to which they were originally intended.

- Islamically correctness obliges us not telling and not doing what could disturb the "touchiness" of Muslims. It obliges us giving up essential human rights in our acts and dids, with an interested complacentness towards Muslim authorities.

- Multiculturalism is the ideology that proposes ruling individuals, coming from different cultural horizons, just as goods exchanged in a market economy. This ideology imagines that it would be possible to rule the multicultural reality - or the presence inside of the European area of those who come from differents countries, cultures, or religions - just by extending rights and freedoms with no limits and without expecting in return any duties or any respect of rules. It neglects and forget that only Identity and values are able cement able to gather.

In this Europe transformed into a desert land, concepts like dialogue and living together seem to be empty of meaning. In the end, this process reduces civilization to a list of pretensions and claims imposed day by day by all those who arrive and who settle. The result is that Europe has changed into a New Mecca of extremism and Islamic terrorism. This Islamic terrorism has been strengthened by new and growing networks of mosques, Islamic schools, Islamic banks, relief organizations and even Islamic courts which have given life to a theocratic State within the Law-based State.In 2006, former American president George Bush and former British Primer Tony Blair conceived a suicide strategy based on the idea that in order to save the West from the Islamic terror of those that I called "cut heads" , we should trust Islamic terror implemented by those that I call the "cut-Thongs" (? Could you explain what you mean by ‘cut-thongs? We need to find another word…).

The first are those who consider death instead of life as the supreme level of spirituality and aim to die in order to murder the largest possible number of enemies of Islam. The second are those who "save" our life, thanks to their goodness, in return for their full legitimization as the main religious Islamic authority and the main representatives of all Muslims.At the same time, the West has fully legitimized Islam, of the Koran, of Allah, of Mohamed and of the ShariĆ , puting them at the same level as Christianity and Judaism.

So, the West is willing to accept that it’s possible to allocate derogations and authorizations to make special exceptions in matters of duties and rights, in matter of freedom and rules, in the name of the religious, cultural, social specificity of Islam, even if those Islamic specificities are in full contradiction and opposition with fundamental human rights, in particular with the women’s rights, and even then those Islamic specificity contrast with non-negotiables, absolute and universal values, beginning by the fact that life is Sacred.

The wicked suicide strategy implemented by George Bush and Tony Blair led in 2006, to the rise to power of Muslim Brotherhoods, under all their different names, in Palestinian territories and in Egypt. In the same way, this suicide strategy has strengthened and legitimized the media, religious, political, and financial power of Islamic organizations that in fact represent the Muslim Brotherhoods in Europe.

The ingenuity, ignorance, fear and ideological collusion of this Europe is pushing the EU to succumb more and more to the arbitrary of Muslim Brotherhoods. Those have been legitimised as representatives of Islam and Muslims though they are an extremist movement which preaches the destruction of Israel and supports Palestinian and Iraqi suicide-terrorism. Muslim Brotherhoods also consider that woman is an inferior being, they legitimate death pain for apostasy, they preach the Advent of an Islamic worldwilde Califate.

One of the most artful intellectuals linked with the Muslim Brotherhoods, Tariq Ramadan, is striving to have Islam officially recognised as one of the main sources of the identity and historical roots of European civilization and spirituality, as along with Christianity and Judaism.It is quite clear that Europe has reached a stage where it is tending to deny its own Jewish-Christian roots. It is quite clear that the cultural and identity gap left by this denial will eventually be filled by a claim for Islamic roots..

The rise of Islamic network power in Europe is becoming so huge that today, Europe has become a producer of suicide-terrorists who have already been involved in suicide-attacks in many Jihad or holy war front-lines all over the world and also inside the European territory. That is the most alarming symptom of the deep failure of a European coexistence pattern unable first to assure the security of its nationals, second to favor a constructive integration of those who choose to share our physical, cultural, identity and values area of civilization (please give me the end of this sentence in Italian – it isn’t clear).

The existence of ethnical ghettos in countries who believed in the multicultural myth and in other countries where an assimilation conception of integration was imposed, constitutes the main proof that Europe is no longer able to affirm and ensure an integration pattern within its territory, where rules are the same for every one without any exception. Those ghettos have caused the split of social ties and have created conflicting issues that sometimes have culminated in Islamic Terror and even in suicide attacks.This is the most obvious proof that Europe is no longer able to affirm in its own area its model based on the fact that rules are the same for everyone.

In conclusion, it's obvious that the causes of the current and structural financial and economic crisis and of the failure of the coexistence pattern are the abandonment of our values and the betrayal of the European identity based on its judeo-christian roots. At the same level, it's obvious that the only way for Europe to be able to redeem herself and save herself from the suicide's abyss of our nation and civilization will be to rediscover her soul.We will able to reach this goal only if we can redefine substantially different patterns of economic development and social coexistence that should put ethics at the center.The new pattern of development must be based on the centrality of the dignity of the Person and on the necessity to pursue the Common Interest.

This new model must use to advantage the environmental and human specificity that does not fear foreign competition; This new pattern must consider the prospective of a better quality of life with a more modest standard of living at a materialistic level. In this way, materialism and production will be at the disposal of the human person rather than the contrary, when the person is enslaved by materialism. This new pattern of social coexistence must be based and rooted on the sharing of non- negotiable values without any exception, on the level of rules which sustain rights and duties that must be the same for every one without any discrimination.

This roadmap of ramson will be possible if Europe can reconcile with herself, if she loves and pursues the Common interest; if she recovers the culture of duties and rules, if she understands that religions are physically different, and that Islam is substantially incompatible with our civilization. We must make it clear that it's possible to dialogue with Muslims as people and it's necessary to coexist if they respect all the fundamental rights of the human person and if they share our non- negotiable values. Those values are based on the belief that life is holy, and on the respect of dignity and freedom of the human person.We Europeans, we free men and women, we, people of good will, must reach this objective!

There is no alternative for the success of our mission in favor of Life, Truth, freedom and real peace. We will succeed if every one of us assumes their own part of responsibility and if every one of us, here and now, in our common house, we is fully able to be ourself by affirming our dignity and by safeguarding our freedom..


Source: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/note.php?note_id=179092525099&ref=nf

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