Sunday, October 4, 2009

Iran Update

These events have been reported to World Threats.

On Oct. 1, students at Roodehen University held a protest from noon to 2:00 PM.

Three more students have been arrested and taken to an unknown location.
Abolfazi Mohammadi, 23.
Ayoob Nasrollahi, 21.
Moeen Solati, 26.

Kurdish students who have not been participating in demonstrations have been summoned to the Tehran University Discipline Committee. This is a reported act of discrimination against minorities.

The number of Harasat (security) agents on campus at Tehran university has increased significantly.

Female student who chant “Allah O Akbar” from their dormitory windows are being harassed by security agents.

Mohammad Reza Khalili, the Head of Qom’s student Basij, said in an interview with the Fars News Agency, “those who claim that they believe in law, shouldn’t act as such and cause disorder in society.

Karrobi and Mousavi are responsible because they mislead some uninformed students and in this way damage the university’s atmosphere. Those who hold protests Are a very small group. Our student are ideological but they are easily influenced by these people because they don’t have strong political study. (Emphasis mine.)

Ayatollah Montazeri has said in a letter answering a letter from the reformist women’s assembly, “once again I warn those in charge to beware of the destiny of the Shah and other dictatorships in the world. In today’s world one cannot rule by evoking fear and horror, arresting critics and filling the prisons by the freedom loving people and thinkers and then make them confess to false affairs. In a state that the scholars who criticize the state and political prisoners are jailed and are under pressure and deprivation and those uttering claptraps are approved, people and society would never enjoy progress, growth and prosperity. I hope that those in charge will wake up and change course….”

In a letter to Rafsanjani, Karrobi called the Assembly of Experts an “ineffective body” and said that in the recent session of this assembly they didn’t see into what they should. In his letter Karrobi said, “I’m writing this second letter to you because I saw that the session of the Assembly of Experts didn’t discuss the issue that it should and its members didn’t investigate what they should.

To put it briefly this assembly which should be the highest supervising body in the System of Islamic Republic has turned into an ineffective body. The outcome of the session was some speeches and a statement. These didn’t require such a burden of holding a session and so on.”

Emphasizing the duty of the Assembly of Experts to supervise the Supreme Leader he wrote, ” this assembly has the right to supervise the leader’s acts according to the constitution. My question from you as the head of the assembly is that is this assembly acting according to its duties? Did this assembly act to answer the questions and ambiguities of Iran’s society?”

In his interview about the Assembly of Experts session, Ahmad Ghabeli said, “electing an Assembly of Experts is totally void. He goes on to comment on the lack of other than religious skills and knowledge among the members of the Assembly. He added, ” unfortunately we are witnessing that th operatives of the Sultan (Khamenei) having military, security and judiciary back up do whatever they wish to do.”

Rafsanjani has been called on to “repent” In an article titled “three Demands from the Head of the Expediency Council, Mohammad Jafar Behdad, IRNA’s director wrote, “though Rafsanjani has taken a positive step in his recent positions but this doesn’t satisfy us. Rafsanjani had a role in the riots and when his relatives and supporters evoked disorder he kept silence, so people expect him to:

1 - say that the election of the tenth presidency was completely legal and without fraud

2 - the street riots were held by hooligans and not by those protesting the election

3 - his children are apart of him and their violations and political or economic treason must be looked into.

When you emphasize on the necessity of protecting the principle of Supreme Leadership and being loyal to Imam Khomeini as well as introducing a solution for the current situation these would not compensate the damages of your wrong positions and worse than that your silence in regard with the political events before and after the street riots after the election.” (IRNA is the new organization of the clerical establishment in Iran.)

Check World Threats YouTube page for some interesting uses for Iranian 20000 rial notes.

Source: World Threats

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