Sunday, October 25, 2009

Iran Update

These events have been reported to World Threats.

Student protests continue unabated in the face of severe repression by the regime.

During a gathering of engineering students at Tehran university, one of them threw a shoe at Safar Harandi, the former Minister of Guidance (gross insult).

At Karaj Universty approximately 200 students gathered to protest the Presidential election. The students chanted “death to the dictator”, “Independence, freedom, Iranian republic”. They also sang “Iran, the Precious Land” (pre-revolution national anthem). More than 1000 students of Tehran Azad University gathered to protest the regime.

The government has intensified its pressure on Iranians who have family members in the People’s Mujahadeen of Iran and who are living in Ashraf, Iraq. Moshen Dogmechi, 52, was arrested on Sept. 7 during a raid on his business. His wife, Maryam Alangi, 48, has now also been arrested. These arrests occurred because Mr. Dogmechi is alleged to have a daughter in Ashraf City and for helping the families of political prisoners.

Government subsidies for wheat, rice and cooking oil have been cut.

Large numbers of clashes have occurred in Tehran over the increase in the price of bread.

Anti-government graffiti continues to appear in Iranian cities.

On Oct. 22, after teh soccer match between Persiopolis and Steelazin, the crowd chanted “Death to the dictator” and “don’t forget Nov. 4th”.

The people are deliberately causing traffic jams in order to protest the government.

On Oct. 21st, the regime hanged five people in Evin Prison including one woman.

Labor unrest continues throughout the country as a result of non-payment of wages. The workers at Ahwaz Pipe Manufacturing company and the Mahyaman Factory in Isfehan protested in front of their local government headquarters.

Yesterday afternoon, former presidential candidate Karrobi attended the media exhibition in Tehran’s Mosala. When he entered the hall the other attendees began chanting anti-government slogans. Karrobi was attacked by supporters of the government.

The General Prosecutor of Iran, Mullah Eje’ee, has admitted that the theory of Supreme Leadership is broken. He said, “there is no doubt that the opposition currently guided, organized and directed from inside and outside the country is aimed at the supreme leadership. This current still continues and it is a mistake if we think that it is over.”

The Deputy Interior Minster, Pasdar Afshar, has warned that the people might use different occasions to protest the regime. He warned, “the enemies of the regime might use the anniversary of the anti-monarchy revolution on February 11th and rise against the dictatorship of the Supreme Leadership.”

Source: World Threats

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