Monday, October 5, 2009

New Threat Message Warns: Al-Qaeda Will Attack Germany on a Sunday in October

The Al-Falluja jihadist forum has posted a new threat message to Germany specifying that attacks will be carried out on one of the Sundays in October.

It is titled "To the Infidel German Nation: We Bestow on You the Kindness, for the Third Time, of Specifying the Appointed Day!"

The message, which is being heavily promoted by Al-Falluja, is the latest in a series of threats to appear on the forum [1] following the release of Al-Qaeda videos threatening attacks in Germany. [2]

This message had a strange rollout. Early on October 3, 2009, a forum member called Abu Hamza 2005 wrote a post titled "Welcome to the new member Mou10ra11bitt18oun25!" He wrote that when browsing the Al-Falluja forum he had come across this newly-registered user, and that the username reminded him of "p2l0a0g8u9e," a member on the now-defunct Al-Ekhlaas forum who, in May 2008, posted a video threatening the destruction of the U.S. in a nuclear strike.

The Al-Falluja moderators made Abu Hamza 2005's article a featured post. [3] About 12 hours later Mou10ra11bitt18oun25 posted his threat; [4] it was a featured post, and was later given a banner on the top of the Al-Falluja home page.

A jihadist media workgroup that had been formed ahead of time to distribute threats to German forums and emails [5] took the post by Mou10ra11bitt18oun25 as their go signal and began to distribute it. [6]

As with the other threats on Al-Falluja, it is difficult to know whether Mou10ra11bitt18oun25 is really privy to Al-Qaeda attack plans (if these exist), or whether the post is just meant to spread panic and/or disinformation. The circumstances of the release of his message do seem to indicate that the Al-Falluja moderators had advance knowledge of it. Al-Falluja has a direct link to Al-Fajr, the media group Al-Qaeda uses to distribute its propaganda.

Forum members have speculated that the numerals in Mou10ra11bitt18oun25's username refer to the month of October ("10") and the dates October 11, 18, and 25, all of which are Sundays. [7] One forum member voiced the opinion that the numerals in the username mean that the attack will be on October 11 at 18:25 (6:25 PM). [8]

In a video released on September 19, the German Al-Qaeda operative Abu Talha warned Muslims to stay away from public areas for two weeks after the German elections unless a government were elected that supported a withdrawal from Afghanistan. [9] The German elections were held on September 27, 2009.

Following is a translation of the new threat message:

"To the Infidel Crusader Nation of Germany... Death Be Upon You"

"In the name of Allah the Beneficent, the Merciful.

"To the Muslims in Germany and outside it we say: peace and Allah's mercy and blessings be upon you.

"To the infidel Crusader nation of Germany, we say: Before the elections Sheikh Osama, may Allah protect him, and the brother Abu Talha, [10] may Allah grant him success, said to you: peace be upon those who follow the guidance. [Now,] after the elections, we say: death be upon you! [11] Death be upon those who want war!

"Perhaps many among you Germans saw on your [TV] screens the black days that passed over London, Madrid, New York, and Washington.

"The entire world still remembers the black Tuesday in New York and Washington. Everyone remembers the black Tuesday in Madrid. Everyone remembers the black Thursday in London.

"To be sure, these arrogant peoples were not warned about these attacks, and [were not told] the days [on which they would occur], in contrast with you. You were extremely lucky that we did you a good deed [and gave you the choice], and you chose blood, body parts, and destruction. We specified the time period [in which the attacks will take place]; this is a kindness over which your brothers in Madrid and London will envy you.

"We will bestow on you a third [kindness] and specify the day [of the week]!

"We would allow you the choice in specifying it, but we preferred to choose it for you with care and precision! How do you feel about Sunday? That is a good day, and is a holiday for you, as it is for others of your coreligionists.

"After we chose Thursday for London, and Tuesday for New York and Washington, and Tuesday for Madrid, here we choose Sunday for you.

"Would it be good [for the attacks to be] on Sunday, October xx, 2009? Or Sunday, October xx, 2009? Or Sunday, October xx, 2009? [12]

"Sorry, we won't bestow on you the kindness of telling you a fourth time, but we have definitely specified it.

"There remains [the matter of] the city! Will Berlin wear the same garb as New York? Or will other cities win this honor, such as Bonn, Frankfurt, Hamburg, or perhaps: [-----------------]

"Angela Merkel, you certainly drank the victory toast! But we promise you that you will be drinking it again and again, but this time it will have a different taste and a different color, because the cup will be filled with the blood of your people, who elected you and chose war!

"Oh, by the way we heard that you are good at cooking, and that you cook regularly! Sunday is a good day for this hobby, is it not? How do you feel about making your dish that day 'shoulder of German citizen', or their head?

"We have a date on *******

"Important note to the helpers [of Al-Qaeda]: This is your day. Do not spurn anything that is of good. Take it and put it on the German forums and send it by email. Don't take the trouble of translating, they have many in their brigade and who work under their banner that are from among our countrymen [i.e. Arabs] - they will take care of translating it for their masters.

"The end.*.


Source: MEMRI

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