Monday, December 21, 2009

The Islamic War On Freedom At USC

Editor’s Note: See David Horowitz’s previous blogs on the Islamist war on Freedom at America’s colleges here, here, here, and here.

Tomorrow I am scheduled to speak at the University of Southern California. The focus of my speech will be the genocidal incitement of the prophet Mohammed that calls on Muslims to exterminate the Jews as the condition of their redemption:

“The hour of judgment will only come when Muslims fight the Jews and kill them, when the Jews hide behind the rocks and the trees, and the rocks and the trees cry out, ‘O Muslim, there is a Jew hiding behind me, come and kill him.’”

The sayings of the prophet Mohammed — hadith — were complied 200 years after his death. A reasonable Muslim, a modern Muslim, could easily conclude that this hateful incitement is apocryphal and should be removed from the sacred canon. In fact there is a Turkish commission that has taken up the task of sorting out authentic sayings of the prophet from the inauthentic.

Unfortunately, Turkey has become an Islamofascist state in full-throated support of the war against the Jews and it is too much to expect that the Islamic authorities in Turkey will do anything about this hadith.

Worse, this hateful incitement is posted on the official USC website. It was originally put there by the USC Muslim Student Union which, like other organizations affiliated with the Muslim Student Association (MSA) is an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood, a supporter of the Islamic jihad against the infidels and specifically of its war against the Jews.

When we became aware of the offensive posting of this saying of the prophet Mohammed we took steps that led to its removal by the USC provost who called it “disgusting.” The removal was met by a protest from the MSA and other organizations that are part of the terrorist network including the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) who called its removal religious discrimination.

But the USC administration held its ground. Recently, however, the hadith of hate reappeared on the USC website, this time put there by an organization called the Center for Muslim-Jewish Engagement (CMJE). Â USC College Republicans have petitioned the USC administration to remove the hadith.

Meanwhile, the supporters of Islamic terror at USC — Students for Justice in Palestine and the USC Progressive Alliance (fascist alliance would be more accurate) — have put out hate propaganda against me and are attempting to shut down my speech, thus repeating the war against free speech that the Muslim Brotherhood network conducted two weeks ago at Temple when we presented the film Fitna and Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders.

The Progressive Alliance flier consists of a quote attributed to me which is entirely invented. It’s even written in Osama Bin Laden speak (”while having the body of the human being, a Moslem who unquestioningly follows the Quran behaves like a soulless beast.”) and in style alone represents nothing that I have ever written, said or believed.

Students for Justice in Palestine put out a similar smear sheet last week which was somewhat more (or is it less?) creative in presenting my alleged positions as the opposite of what I actually believe. I wrote a response to that attack and submitted it to the USC Daily Trojan, which has yet to print it:

To USC College Republicans, USC Hillel, USC Students for Justice in Palestine, and anyone concerned:

A campus activist by the name of Alex Sham, whose organization is a supporter of genocide against the Jewish state and of the Hamas terrorists and of the general terrorist jihad against Israel and the United States, has sent a malicious slander to Facebook, and apparently intends to conduct a campaign to demonize me in advance of my speech at USC. Sham’s disgraceful post makes a series of ugly charges against me — not a single one of which has any basis in anything I have ever actually said.

For example:

I have never said that blacks have benefited from slavery or that they should express gratitude for being enslaved. There is no such statement of mine to that effect anywhere which is why Sham does not quote an actual statement of mine but merely makes up what he thinks I said.

I have never said that "Muslim student groups are designed to bring jihad to America.” I have made statements about one such group and only one – the Muslim Students Association – which supports annual protests against the very existence of the Jewish state (an act in itself of genocide by any reasonable definition of the term,) and which regularly hosts speakers who support the terrorist jihad against Israel and the West, call for the execution of gays, and support regimes such as the Islamic Republic of Iran which executes gays.

I have never made a statement that “blacks slit throats.” I have made one remark about one black — O.J. Simpson — who did slit his wife’s throat.

And so on.

I am not a racist and I am not an Islamophobe. I have organized protests on more than 100 college campuses against the oppression of Muslim women.

I have published booklets against the oppression of Muslim women and I have sponsored panels with Muslim speakers against the oppression of Muslim women.

There are numerous videos of my campus speeches on the web where I can be seen saying that my efforts are not directed against all Muslims but are in fact conducted in behalf of most Muslims against the hijacking of their religion by totalitarian radicals (who are supported by Students for Justice in Palestine.)

It is evil to pretend to speak in the name of all Muslims when you are conducting a campaign of hatred against Jews and gays and other minority groups.

In his email, Sham threatens to attack my speech by any means necessary. Presumably this is also a threat by Students for Justice in Palestine whose members at Berkeley and other places have been arrested on campus in the past for breaking the law. This kind of threat is an expression of the fascist mentality for which Students for Justice in Palestine is rightly famous.

I hope members of the USC community will appeal to university officials to see that civility and order are maintained around this event, and that Students for Justice in Palestine are put on notice that this kind of anti-intellectual and uncivil behavior is unacceptable.

David Horowitz

What is taking place on our campuses is a jihad against our First Amendment freedom.

It is an attempt to silence anyone critical of the Islamic war against the Jews. Responsible Muslims will condemn the unholy alliance of Muslim fascists and their left-wing collaborators which is conducting this war and which is led by the Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR, the Muslim Students Assocation, Students for Justice in Paletine and the Progressive Alliance.

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