Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Stop ideological genocide convention - Neurnberg, Germany

stop ideological genocide convention

At last a convention to openly speak
about what need to be spoken. Please
do participate in the convention.

This December 10th will mark the 61st anniversary of the signing of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights. Yet even today, Human Rights violations continue to take place, even where UN peace keeping forces are deployed. Facts about human rights violations that have been documented by peace keeping forces and human rights groups have been stamped "censored" and hidden in a dark corner of a document storage bank. The UN is proving its useless, as ongoing assaults on humanity continue.

The latest genocide is currently taking place in Darfur, and once again perpetrators have a free hand as UN imposed censorship is giving them the sense that no one is watching. Beside the UN's censorship, political excuses over cultural lines and an unwillingness to accept the suffering of others has created a fertile ground to harbor hatred, fanatacism, and impunity in the global society.

As the assault on humanity continues, a group of individuals that have either themselves faced genocide or are the descendants of genocide victims (including unrecognized genocides such as the Armenian genocide, Indian partition genocide, etc.) have decided to come out and cross social, ideological, national, religious, and cultural boundaries to stand up and give shape to a global convention. Initially sponsored by, we now have a few more organizations supporting our mission to hail human rights over other issues.

In our 'Stop Ideological genocide convention', we are not gathering to blame individuals but rather to point out the factors that are giving shape to systemic failures, due to which children are being raised in an environment of hate. Our stand is not against individual identity, but rather on cultures, states, religions, or political identities that eclipse our shared human identity. We see these policies giving shape to human suffering in the 21st century. We're victims as a result of the above, but none of us are bitter. We are however concerned about how politics are taking away the right of people to complete their grieving and start a new life.

Some of these global political policies of providing excuses for the action of perpetrators have not only marginalized the victims, but have also pushed the victims into a vulnerable state. This irresponsible attitude of mainstream politics has opened a totally new chain of global-organized crime in which political parties from all sides can hire global Jihadis to fight for their designated political goals, which can then jeopardize civil society, such as has been observed during theYugoslavian war, Iran-Iraq war, and Afghanistan war, sri-lankan LTTE conflict, or British PIRA conflict.

Further, a designated financial banking system has evolved to fund these genocidal projects, and has penetrated into our democratic system. These concerns and more will be the issues covered by speakers, experts and victims involved directly, and will reveal the realities on the ground.

Come with friends, and join us in recognizing people's suffering while trying to understand and discuss the problems. Hear Moderate Muslims speak of how their right to interpret their own religion is being denied to them strategically, forcing the entire 1.3 billion member society to either accept the Khomaeinist, salafist or Saudi sponsored Wahabi version of their religion. Hear the Darfuri describe the horror being visited upon the people of Darfur. Hear about Bangladesh genocide, discrimination of womens and Kashmir suffering, and much more.

We invite you to stand with us in our 'Stop Ideological genocide convention', as political correctness sight cultural sensitivity as an excuse to condemn Human killings.

Nurnberg, Germany.

12:00 – 15:45 Hrs
Chilli's Mexican Restaurant, Pfannenschmiedsgasse 1., D90402 Nurnberg.

15:45 Hrs - 16:00 Hrs
Candle light march to Human Rights street (Stra?e Der Menschenrechte)

Washington DC, United States.

12:30 PM ET to 2:45 PM
National Press Club News Conference, 529 14th Street, NW 13th Floor, Washington, DC 20045 — Zenger Room

4 PM ET to 6 PM
Washington DC Public Outreach - Freedom Plaza, 14th and Pennsylvania Avenue NW,
Events also being held in:
New York, United States.
Los Angeles, United States.


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