Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Islamabad Marriott Bombing: MCC denounces terrorism; Jihadi apologists promoting conspiracy theories

TORONTO - The Muslim Canadian Congress (MCC) has strongly condemned the truck bombing of the Marriott Hotel in Islamabad, Pakistan, labelling it as yet another act of terror aimed at destabilizing the nascent democratic forces in the country. While evidence is still emerging, the Islamabad attack has all the fingerprints of Islamist terrorism.

The MCC has also expressed dismay that even though the dust has barely settled, apologists of the Taliban and Al-Qaeda have started spreading conspiracy theories in an attempt to deflect criticism from the Jihadis. Rather than categorically denouncing the terrorists and their Islamist Jihadi doctrine, many Islamists are portraying the Jihadis as if they were some sort of a liberation movement.

As Muslims, we are dismayed by voices within our community that apologize for these dastardly acts and view the Taliban as some sort of latter day Sandanistas. As Canadians, we are concerned for a Pakistan that is gradually succumbing to Islamist terror groups armed and aided by ideology and finances from the Middle East.

For too long, members of various ethnic and sectarian Muslim communities have chosen to fence-sit or worse, provide statements of support to the Taliban and their nexus of supporters. The latest suicide bombing in Islamabad is yet another reminder that regardless of Muslim grievance, real or imagined, such nihilistic acts of violence have further marginalized Muslims globally.

We urge individuals of conscience to exert pressure on Pakistani groups and institutions who still view the Taliban as a viable foreign policy imperative in Kashmir and Afghanistan. The Taliban are instead domestic enforcers and supporters of reactionary, anti-democratic Islamist groups. It is the dishonest posturing of pseudo-liberal elite Pakistanis and their fascist Islamist allies that provides sustenance to the militant groups responsible for such acts.

While Pakistan's liberal elites have succumbed to the most vile conspiracy theories that blame every ill on the USA, the Islamists profit immensely from this intellectual bankruptcy and work to sabotage the new government in Islamabad. We urge people of conscience to speak out against this dishonest narrative of false victim-hood that seeks to obfuscate the barbaric acts of the Taliban under the guise of pseudo-liberal double speak.

Murderers who cannot even respect the sanctity of the month of Ramzan, a month of physical abstinence and spiritual introspection for millions of Muslims, and in stead continue to engage in their savagery should be prosecuted and their apologists confronted at any and every debate possible.

Source: Muslim Canadian Congress
H/T: Shariah Finance Watch

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