Monday, September 22, 2008

It's time we stood on our own two feet!

I got into a rather long and sometimes heated debate with a few friends over the weekend.

The subject of our conversation was my blog, and exactly what I was trying to promote as far as religion goes.

It was quite rightly brought up that I am quick to condemn all religions because of the stupid things people do in their attempt to follow the dogma of whatever faith group they are hostage to BUT, what did I have as an alternative?

I have to admit that even in my book "The Plain Truth About God" I state that my musings are not about what Religion IS, but rather what Religion IS NOT!

This might seem a small distinction, but none-the-less a very crucial one!

With the need to supply some sort of alternative and upon a bit of introspection I would guess that my message is to leave behind our childhood as a race behind and try to grow up a bit.

We are, and have been going through a physical evolution, but it's about time we concerned ourselves with a spiritual evolution as well!

Rather than a blind obedience to a particular dogma we should display a bit of maturity as a people and slowly become responsible for our own actions instead of leaving it all in the hands of a "Higher Power!" (God)

It does us no good to invoke such proclamations as Insh-Allah, ("God willing" or "If it is God's will") or to petition God with prayer, when we should be standing on our own two feet and trying to make things happen according to our own sense of right and wrong.

As a people we are far to ready to give out fate over to an outside force, since this is the easier way (And also the most childlike way) of doing things.

Maturity takes a while to develop in individuals and the same could be said for our race.

Rather than blindly accepting our lot in life or following an edict that we are told is God's Will, it's about time we started being responsible for our own future, (And morality) as this is a sign of our evolution to a higher plane.

So this brings us down to the question; Do I have a particular dogma or creed that we should be following, and the answer is NO!

I don't think it's my job (Or that I am even qualified) to give guidance in matters of morality, belief or behaviour. I can only point out misguided attempts by humanity to explain God and the Universe.

I hope that we will one day take some of the responsibility we attribute to our Creator and realize that it's about time we shouldered that burden ourselves.

Once we have a sizable portion of the population thinking for themselves and following the ideals that were espoused by Jesus, Moses, Mohammad, Buddha or even the Dalai Lama, instead of the blind obedience demanded by the clergy, is when we will truly be on our way to attaining a state of Grace.

Sure life is hard kids, but let's meet it head on, without blinders, clear headed, and with a bit of class!

Your Humble Scribe;
Allan W Janssen

Allan W Janssen is the author of the book The Plain Truth About God (What the mainstream religions don't want you to know!) and is available as an E-Book H E R E ! and as a paperback H E R E !

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