Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Jihad, Stealth Jihad, Legal Jihad - Now Tennis Jihad! "You Can't Be Serious!!!"

On Christmas Day a brave Dutchman, Jasper Schuringa, played a very big role in preventing yet another terrorist triumph.

He was able to subdue the young Islamist Nigerian man, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, and stop him from murdering a plane-load of people and then getting his virgins, raisins, or whatever these brain-washed Islamists think is waiting for them in Paradise.

Now the airlines of the world have to think hard about what they can do, yet again, to keep the airlines safe.

But can they? Christopher Hitchens doubts it, and wonders why the majority of us have to endure these basically useless procedures.
Daniel Pipes suggests using the methods employed by El Al, Israel's airline.

People who follow the activities of Islamists worldwide would not have been at all surprised.

Thwarted terror plots and Islamist Militants' incidents are almost daily occurrences. The only surprises are the out-of-the-box methods that are constantly updated. It seems these people have nothing better to do than figure out new ways of killing people they hate and disagree with!

What a "noble goal" in life that must be!

This is a global problem yet the leaders of the world simply don't want to know about it, let alone deal with it effectively.

Yes, there is a river in Egypt called "Denial".

Another fact often overlooked is that these attempts at mass murder do not only occur in the west, but in many Islamic countries. Pakistan is a good example of this. Muslim on Muslim murder. And of course who can forget the beheadings by the Taliban.

In 2009 there was quite a string of such plots and incidents and they have been well-documented by those who follow these issues.

She is not alone. To list all the people who document these incidents is quite a task: Robert Spencer, Daniel Pipes and Steven Emerson ,to name but a few.

It is indeed astonishing that people, Moderate Muslims and non-Muslims alike, do not protest in front of their respective government agencies constantly and say "enough already!"

It is quite unbelievable. Is it fear? Political Correctness? Apathy? Ignorance? All of these and maybe more? Why should any civilized person have to put up with any form of medieval behavior in the twenty-first century?

And yet recently I read on Ms Geller's excellent blog about Bill Ayres et al protesting about conditions in Gaza, which, by the way, are not nearly as bad as people would have you think.

These people are ably assisted by the Viva Palestina crowd led by George Galloway who has just been accused of lying by the Egyptians.

Mention must also be made here of the "gifts" bestowed on Israel and the rest of the world by Jimmy Carter. His apology for his comments about Israel, and his role in adding to the global jihad should not be underestimated.

It is as if they are totally ignorant of what is actually happening, and ignorant of the fact that not only the Israelis, but also the Egyptians control the crossings to Gaza. It is not just ignorance. It is deceit, and it is affecting many people who live in the Middle East: Muslims, Jews and Christians alike.

But I forget: Gaza is a fashionable cause, and Israel, that tiny strip of democratic land in an ocean of Islamic theocracies and dictatorships, is the cause of ALL the problems in the world - yep,,sure it is!
All those "occupied territories"..err.."disputed territories" are the root cause of it all!!

And please dismiss from your mind the thousands of rockets that were launched into Israel which eventually lead to the Gaza war and the infamous Goldstone Report.
Israel's legal position is well-explained by Danny Ayalon. Shame many people don't realize the real situation in Israel.

I am not trying to demean the suffering of the Palestinians, especially the Gazans, who, under Hamas have indeed suffered, yet most of this is due to their leaders who are obsessed with maintaining power, accumulating wealth, and are totally disinterested in the welfare of their citizens.

Corruption is king. Teach your children to hate. Get money for weapons from the West and build almost NO infrastructure. Make sure the United Nations helps you all the way, and perpetuates this ridiculous situation. Can't have a bunch of UN employees out of a job, can we?

Yesterday I read that New Zealand is protesting an Israeli tennis player, Shahar Peer. This is not this first instance of "Tennis Jihad".
It has happened in Sweden too.

Is it not strange that two western democracies allow politics to interfere with a sporting event in this day and age?
Am I being naive? Are all sporting events tied to politics like they were in Hitler's time? They shouldn't be. Is history repeating itself? .

This is the disconnect: every day we hear of Islamist terrorism all over the world. No one says a word; no one protests, no one minds being patted down and removing their shoes at airports.

People of all races and creeds everywhere are threatened by radical Islamist extremists who are willing to kill and die in the name of their belief system. (I hesitate to call it a religion).

Blame must also go to the left-wing post-modernists who ably support them in the name of political correctness and self-loathing.

But one Israeli tennis player in New Zealand, and one in Sweden, cause demonstrations. These two countries, fine examples of Western liberal democracies, should hang their heads in shame.

This situation is very hard to comprehend.
"You can't be serious!" Indeed, Mr McEnroe!

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