Sunday, September 27, 2009

Walid Phares: UN Must Defend Democracies, Not Dictators

As President Barack Obama was addressing the General Assembly of the United Nations, just before Libya's dictator Moammar Gadhafi called for the demise of the Security Council and followed later by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's challenge of international law as we know it, my conclusion has become clear: Indeed the United Nations must reform, and significantly, and here is why:

Gadhafi, whom many Arab leaders called the fata alk majnun (the crazy man), ranted for an hour and a half in front of the General Assembly, accusing the organization of being unfair and intervening against some aggressors and not all perpetrators of human rights abuse. The dictator is right in this particular diagnosis but not in the menu he offered.

The man whose regime invaded and occupied northern Chad for years, looting that poor country's resources; who sent terrorists into Tunisia and Egypt; who kidnapped and assassinated Lebanese Shiite leaders, who ordered the blowing up of PanAm 103 over Lockerbie; and has been funding violence from the Philippines to Suriname is not exactly the head of state who should be lecturing the world community in Manhattan, but answering a court investigation in the Hague.

Ahmadinejad, another lecturer on fundamental rights at the U.N. does not stand on higher moral grounds either. His Pasdaran are behind terror in Iraq, train and funds Hezbollah in Lebanon, and were indicted by Argentina for bloody massacres across the globe. Ahmadinejad's own population is savagely oppressed, as evidenced by this summer’s repression of protests.

This surreal Picasso-like roster of dictators turned "U.N.-preachers," democracies leaders, and particularly the U.S. president should have responded with clarity and boldness, not just in style but in substance and demanded even more serious reforms.

The world changed in 2001. Al-Qaida gave evil a face. But al-Qaida is just the tip of the iceberg.

It presents us with the ideology of jihadism, an ideology that divides the world. Speeches by Osama Bin Laden, Ayman al-Zawahiri, and other leaders of this jihadist movement convey clearly that either you are in Dar El Islam (as portrayed by al-Qaida, more akin to Dar El Taliban than Dar El Islam), or you are in Dar El Kuffar, the infidels.

There is a new worldwide organization threatening to divide humanity and calling for the opposing side to be persecuted and oppressed. For them 9/11 was legitimate. It is an ideology that accepts the principle of genocide.

It is permissible to kill children, women, the elderly, and non-combatants. In Algeria 145,000 Arab Muslim Sunnis were massacred by the Salafists, the allies of al-Qaida, throughout the 1990s.

But instead of the U.N. mobilizing to prevent this new jihad and neo-Nazi ideology from taking hold, the U.N. secretary-general said in Davos on Jan. 23 that the United Nations is neutral, equidistant from the war on terror and terrorists.

This is a United Nations that has completely abandoned its original principles.

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Source: NewsMax

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