Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Islamists push Kaufman case to TX Supreme Court

Joe Kaufman
Dear Free Speech Supporter,

Radical Muslims are using our court system to try to silence those who expose their terrorist connections. They've done it in Europe and Canada - and now they're trying it here in America.

In the case of investigative reporter Joe Kaufman, they're not giving up - even though their case is completely bogus. After two years of defending Joe, we are now facing yet another challenge. I'm writing to you as a member of the Freedom Center to ask you to help pay for Joe's defense.

Seven Muslim groups claim that Joe is a threat. They convinced a court that Joe "intends to threaten to take unlawful action...cause bodily injury...or threaten Plaintiffs or their members with immediate bodily injury." On those grounds the court imposed a restraining order on him. And they sued Joe for defamation to stop him from writing about Muslims in the future and to close down his websites.

Joe reports and writes for my website FrontPage Magazine and for his own websites. He has never threatened a Muslim in his life. But he has exposed facts they want to hide. The reason Joe Kaufman is being targeted by these Muslim groups is that he monitors web sites run by Muslim charitable organizations, and he has identified money trails leading from some of these groups to terrorist organizations such as Hamas and Hezbollah.

We have been defending Joe from this lawsuit since 2007 - thanks to the financial support we've received from our members. And we thought we'd won when in June the Texas Court of Appeals finally threw out the lawsuit, ruling that the case had no merit to continue. But our victory celebration didn't last long. The Islamic groups involved have petitioned the Texas Supreme Court to review the case! Why do they keep this absurd case going? For one reason: If they can defeat Joe Kaufman in court, radical Muslims will know they can stop anyone from investigating and writing about any Muslim groups and individuals.

This is a case of national importance. Radical Muslims are watching it carefully. They have seemingly unlimited funds to keep fighting as long as they have a hope. We need to keep fighting back. We cannot let these groups succeed. This is why I am urgently asking you to help the Freedom Center pay for the legal bills incurred in Joe's defense and to cover this latest development. Joe Kaufman has no money to spend on his defense. He has made a career of investigative journalism focusing on terrorism - something the mainstream media doesn't want to touch with a ten-foot pole, and therefore not a high-paying profession. He needs our help.

A victory by the Islamist groups would be the first step in silencing all of us. This is a free speech issue and nothing more: Joe has not lied about, threatened, or touched any of the Muslims who are suing him, or any other Muslims for that matter. He simply reported the truth, and for that these groups are doing their best to silence him - and to intimidate the rest of us. The lawsuit against Joe Kaufman is part of a strategy by these radical Muslim groups to bully us into silence. That's why we cannot let them win.

I am asking you to make a contribution of $25, $50, $100 or even more if you can, to help us raise the $25,000 we need right away to pay for Joe Kaufman's defense. Any amount you can send will help. Just click here to give. It's urgent!

Thanks in advance for your help.


David Horowitz
President & Founder

P.S. Our lawyers believe we have a strong case, but the outcome of this case is by no means predictable. Too many judges have shown themselves to care more about not offending Muslims than about free speech. We must raise the money to fight this case to the end! Please help us fight back.

Source: David Horowitz FREEDOM CENTER

Joe Kaufman
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